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..So again you're saying kids should have sex for money, so they can learn to manage their funds. There's something called working, you stupid fuck. There's a whole clearly listed and regulated way for kids to gain experience right here.

So here we have a way to not shelter kids, give them a chance to learn to be something other than whores for your and other people's perverted pleasure. Yet oddly, you seem desperate to find some "solution" to this quandary that suits your needs, like any other scumbag of the earth predator. How quaint.

Don't disillusion yourself. You're a fuck-up of the highest order. If your mother saw this thread, she'd cry. If your dad saw this thread, he probably wouldn't want to see you again. If any of your IRL friends saw this thread, they'd stop hanging out with you. You know you're doing something wrong, and trying to rationalize it away because you don't want to stop.

Nope. Not what I said. I said children DO have sex for money. Sometimes for much less money than they could have gotten if they knew how much they could get out of it. Which makes it worse. But most people who do it, do it because they lack money. Which is why I support basic incomes.

And yes, I do support their right to choose to work.

I don't want a prostitute. I would really like to meet little girls and try to be friends with them (without sex).

I don't have a dad. And my friends know I'm a pedophile. And I've criticized CP laws as being based on voodoo in front of one of my friends. I have multiple friends who I believe question AOC laws and child porn laws. And they have basic reading comprehension so they probably wouldn't be seeing a strawman. So nope- they wouldn't care much.
I do think its okay to have sex with children



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