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Friendly reminder that you cannot have a "green house gas" in the atmosphere. There are 3 main methods for heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation. Greenhouses get hot because convection heat transfer is restricted, and incoming radiant heat is greater than the outgoing heat conduction. There is no gas in our atmosphere that has convection heat transfer restricted. And convection currents will transfer heat to dark side of planet where thermal imaging can even see the radiant heat dissipate out into space. This is why the sun has pumped heat into our system for thousands and thousands of year, but the Earth has remained within certain limits of equilibrium.

Their concept of "green house gas" is a term used to describe gas acting like a "thermal blanket," where certain frequencies of radiant heat energy resonate with certain molecules like CO2, so some of the radiant heat transfer that would normally dissipate into space is actually trapped in the atmosphere. This is not true though, because radiant heat trapped by certain gases will still conduct heat through conduction to other molecules in the atmosphere as they collide and transfer momentum. Then these molecules will release radiant heat still. The original molecules trapping in the radiant heat can also still release the radiant heat slightly delayed. So their improper term of "green house gas" doesn't even cause global warming, it causes delayed, and frequency shifted, radiant heat emission. This remains true so long as the atmosphere isn't already at its maximum capacity for radiant heat emission.



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