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Also gotta love how the left leaning news shitheads went straight to “russian bots” when talking about people leaving the Democratic Party, it’s like they never considered that someone has a different way of thinking than them. That’s why they created bullshit like “Internalized misogyny” and “internalized racism” its because they blame society for the way you think and not you for being an individual who has different opinions. The Democratic Party is now a hive mind and if you dare to stray from the path then you’ll get shamed, demonized, you’ll lose your job, get de-platformed by people you thought were your friends. THIS is why Trump is winning so much! You can blame racism all you want but ask yourself you really want to live in a world where the slightest disagreement turns into a major issue? Do you really want to live in such minefield because you’re scared of offending someone? Are you fine with people screaming “racist, sexist, homophobe, etc” just because they lost an argument? People like to act like they’re living in fear ever since Trump won and I think they are living in fear but it’s not because Trump, it’s because the left are pointing guns at each other with itchy trigger fingers just ready to tear each other down. Is that really a better alternative? “Well, don’t offend people, it’s easy!” The left made the O.K hand signal a sign of “white supremacy”...nuff said.



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