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I may be the only writer on planet retard pointing out that obscuring the skies at this point in our history may be the dumbest thing we’ve ever done as a specie, since we are at the tail end of the interglacial. Cutting off the sun now is suicide, but that is exactly what we are doing with decades long Chemtrail spraying. Not to smart, I say. Apparently, the lunatics at the CIA who are in charge of Geoengineering Program are not just batshit insane, they are double top secret dumbererer imbeciles.
Spraying chemtrails to stop global warming makes about as much sense as wearing a mask to stop a virus. Our specie is truly insane, and unlike other writers, I am not going to spoil you with some bullshit message of hope. We are fucked. Really, we are totally fucked as a specie because crazy people are in charge of these hoax programs.

If we look at the performance of our specie last century, just what horrors await us in this one? Really, you need to take drastic action to save yourself and loved ones as we are facing government created genocide on a Biblical scale. We could easily have a mini ice age and a nuclear war. Starvation by the New Bolshevik Demonrats seems to be the course we are speeding towards on the Albert C. Pike freeway to hell.

What is the new definition of genocide? Jewish control of government and media. Jews are insane, putting insane Jews in charge of scientific and social policies is a recipe for disaster – and that is why Hitler, who knew this, removed them from state and any other activity that could harm the volk. Hitler tried to save his people from the Jews. What should we do? Same. Weimer Amerika here we come.



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