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Atlantis for most of its time comprised populated centers over much of the Earth including large mining centers in the high isolated plateaus of South America. The Atlantians extracted aluminum, the most abundant metal element found in the Earth's crust directly from the soil without the need of electrolysis and used it for most of their buildings.
The main Atlantian center of civilization was a very large island stretching through what is now the area of the Azores near the mid Atlantic, down almost to South America. The present day Islands of the Azores are mountain tops of the original.

North America had only a sparse population. Two large centers, Sodom and Gomorrah, the 'Cities of the Plains' existed however, where the mass consciousnesses was well evolved into higher fourth dimensional awareness. Who were also adept in the power of crystals.

Sodom was located near the North East border of what is now Washington State in the United States, and British Columbia in Canada. Gomorrah was located in what is now offshore the city of Miami, Florida.

An earlier quarantined Planet called Maldek had succumbed to reptilian Black Masters from Alpha Draconis. The Black Masters were remnant of an earlier regression in the Draco Solar Sector. The regression itself was not rebellious. Many of the regressors however, were already well out of alignment with respect to the normal rules of Reality, who became willing rebellors in the early onsets of the Luciferian conflagration. In particular the Black Masters.

The Draconian reptiles were a particular variant of their root race which had many racial variants as do the Adamics.



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