Lilith-Crowe #wingnut

Literally none of that's true. Being Christian doesn't mean you don't believe in science, that's extremely bigoted. They've literally never suppressed gay people. The only time they did anything was Trump barring transsexuals from the military which is completely correct because they're extremely prone to mental issues.
They've never tried to force women back into the home and yes, the KKK was a Democratic party. That's just a historical fact so stop lying to everyone.
Listen to yourself! You're bullshitting! They've never said the Earth was flat. You're listening to liars paid by the Democrats. And considering how many Democrats were on Epstein's list, Pizzagate probably was true.

You can list off all the retarded shit you like, you're on the wrong side of history. The Democrats allowed Democrats to riot which led to dozens of deaths, including a child. The Democrats are violent thugs and anyone who votes for them is voting for more dead children.



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