Various Incels #sexist

[JFL] IMAGINE having so much innate value you can sell pictures of yourself online

This isn't even about prostitution, onlyfans and patreon whores. This extends into all faucets of life. If your value of just being is so high that you can do something like that, just imagine how fucking easy life must be. We cannot even fathom what kind of debug with just in time compilation mode women are on. You'd have to possess the body of a femoid and live through some of life milestones to get it, no tranny memes.

(insanus virginem)
You know these whores would be sucking cock for 50$ if it weren't for pathetic emasculated men who enable them? That's the horrible part about this. Knowing how little it takes for things to change for the better. All it takes is a little self respect on the male side.

This is why I hate simps much more than foids



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