Snake Baker #transphobia

Christians can’t just ban people from mutilating the genitals of children.

This isn’t their country.

America is Satan World.

That isn’t even an exaggeration, really. It is literally the mainstream view in America that children should have their genitals mutilated if they become convinced they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex.

As we’ve said many a time, there is no explanation for what it means to be trapped in the body of the opposite sex. It is some kind of soul displacement. No one has explained who is responsible for putting these souls into the wrong bodies. It must be some kind of an entity doing this – a kind of trickster creature operating in the ethereal realms.

It seems the logical thing would be to find a way to fight this entity and get it to stop switching these souls around. That seems much cheaper and more practical than mutilating all these kids. But the mainstream medical professionals refuse to even describe the nature of this entity, let alone put together a plan to fight it.



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