FastBananaCEO #sexist #psycho

[Serious] The fact that normies have made the main thing about incels be that we hate women just proves that we live in a gynocentric society


Just ignore the fact that people are being bullied and treated like shit for being ugly - women are always the victims.

Just ignore the fact that there are people are living their entire life in crippling isolation - women are always the victims.

Just ignore the fact that we are depressed and suicidal and lonely and will live our entire lives having never been in a relationship or having the choice to have children - women are always the victims.

We aren't people for them, our lives don't matter. We are worthy of being considered humans only if we become taxpayer slaves and even there we lose it if we dare to ask for basic human rights

There's no winning with normies, they are the enemies and must be defeated



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