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That’s great and as you are an individual and you know what’s best for you. I know lots of scientists/engineers in biomed fields & space industry that would be great on tv but the reality is that they don’t want to be. There is no correlation there with underrepresentation

83 cents says otherwise in the USA; it’s worse the higher that women climb the ladder. Men simply make more in every profession no matter the experience, years of service, etc. many believe it starts when private companies don’t advertise pay when hiring
3:39 AM·Dec 7, 2022

They still keep bitching and lying about pay equity. It's the same thing chicks do about pretty much everything in life, from whether or not they spent too much money at the mall to how the car accident really happened. So it's really not surprising when it comes to their income versus their value to an employer they bitch and lie about that too

Hey, maybe that's why we don't pay you as much

Of course, the whole 83% thing has been disproven so badly so many times that the only reason these sluts keep bringing it up is because they are actively evil and not just retarded. There's the mathematical approach, the cultural approach [pdf], the economics approach, and my personal favourite: the "here you go you dumb slut, here's your extra money and whoops you accidentally got a metal pipe through your skull" approach

This was recently in the news again when FakePresident Biden got a supposed letter from a child complaining about the (fake) pay gap. Little Charlotte was very sad that "men are getting more money than girls". In addition to being guided by the feminist lie about the pay gap, one of the striking things that nobody seems to ever want to ask is why they are, and whether or not this should be celebrated



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