Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various Commenters #wingnut #racist #transphobia

(Marjorie Greene)

spoilerNow more than ever, we must pray each day to END abortion in America

@RealMarjorieGreene yes, end abortion for all Whites.

@Myscorepower @RealMarjorieGreene So many beautiful black babies are gonna be saved now. Thanks, Clarance. ❤

@GroyperExterminator my daughter is 5. I tell her almost every day if she ever befriends a nigger I will shoot him in the face.

@Myscorepower and hopefully she will be disinherited.

@RealMarjorieGreene A few decades ago if a man beat a woman so badly that caused the death of her baby he was charged with murder. Now a mother can murder her baby and they call it abortion and it's not a crime I believe that All women who have an abortion must be charged with murder.

@RealMarjorieGreene Abortion ends when mothers love their children, fathers stand by their family, and *the only act that causes a new human life* is not treated as a weekend party game.

@RealMarjorieGreene I concur, MTG!

We also need to pray that parents open their eyes to the big lie and stop bringing their children in to have them injected with poison! Or soon they won't even need abortion to help with population control. Everyone will be sterile.


@CondorDM @RealMarjorieGreene You're definitely going after the wrong people. What's delusional is The Left Transgendering children and minors. While you spew "Christians you do not own America", "secular nation" and "theocracy" The LGBTQ, with their Gender Fluid/Neutral Ideological madness, is taking control of this country from right under your noses. We have bigger fish to fry here. Focus! We cannot allow The Left to eliminate the Gender Binary. Because without that, people of traditional morals and beliefs pertaining Marriage, Family and Gender/Sex cannot exist.



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