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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the noted conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine activist, thinks kids (particularly boys) are being made trans from exposure to chemicals in the environment,

“I see these huge levels of depression and despair, loneliness in kids, and I don’t think that there’s a single cause to it, and I think blaming it on depression about climate is probably over-simplistic,” Kennedy told Canadian far right-wing political pundit and psychologist Jordan Peterson. “A lot of the problems we see in kids, and particularly boys, it’s probably underappreciated that how much of that is coming from chemical exposures, including a lot of the sexual dysphoria that we’re seeing.”

Kennedy claimed that kids are “swimming through a soup of toxic chemicals,” including atrazine, a common herbicide.

“If you in a lab put atrazine and a tank full of frogs, it will chemically castrate and force forcibly feminize every frog in there, and 10 percent of the frogs, the male frogs will turn into fully viable females able to produce viable eggs,” Kennedy claimed. “If it’s doing that to frogs, it, there’s a lot of other evidence that it’s doing it to human beings as well.”

A second video getting a lot of attention shows Kennedy making wild claims about the beginnings of the AIDS crisis, blaming it on gay men and the use of poppers, an inhalant that relaxes muscles and generates a brief headrush and sensation of euphoria.

“There’s a lot of people that said it is not a virus,” Kennedy said. “The virus is a passenger virus, and these people are dying mainly because of poppers. A hundred percent of the people who died in the first thousand [with] AIDS were people who were addicted to poppers, which are known to cause Kaposi sarcoma in rats. And they were people who were part of a gay lifestyle where they were burning the candle at both ends.”

“There were poppers on sale everywhere at the gay bars,” he said. “And there were a number of people in the [National Institutes of Health] who said, this is not a viral disease, but it’s a disease that is environmental and is being caused to people who are getting autoimmunity from doing these toxins.”

Kennedy claimed, “But for Tony Fauci, it was really important to call it a virus because that made it an infectious disease, and it allowed him to take control of it.”



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