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All future wars (if the Planet and our race survive this recent ongoing secret space war over Planet Earth and the human race’s survival that is) will be Quantum and Scalar wars with the following weaponry deployed:

Cyber wars based on advanced algorithm hacking with advanced morphing and substitution of bits to reframe anything and everything desire using scalar and quantum physics (Maxwell’s 4th Law), anti-personnel neutron devices detonated in the sky, special high altitude detonated EMP devices that do not harm the power grid or electronics but are neurotoxic (stopping all heart and brain/CNS activity), hived bots of all sizes, self-propelled, gliders (dumped in mass from high altitude by the hundreds), crawlers with facial and building recognition cameras (some can drill their own entry holes in glass or other materials and are microscopic sized or bug sized, very fast crawlers and slow crawlers too) with anti-personnel charges that can be remotely detonated, hived robots of all sizes, hived clones, hived androids, hived transhuman supersoldiers (part electronic and part mechanical because special hybrid computers now exist that are living tissue merged with strange new circuits)
Quantum time warps will be used through Josephson junctions and actual battles will become very strange and surrealistic, far beyond what most of the public can fathom. This is just about here and ready to be deployed if not already deployed in secret.
As you know secrecy is no longer needed because unless the mainstream monopoly media and News Cartel present the truth over and over again(which they probably never will do), this is all far too incredulous and spooky to the masses and if one was to try and tell them, they would laugh at you and call you a conspiracy theorist. Only a small %tage of truthers are able to grasp these truths.



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