Varg Vikernes #wingnut #elitist

[From “War in Europe: Part III - Homo sovieticus”]

The Norwegians don't know any better; they are proud when they get their degrees, thinking they are successful when they do, not knowing how difficult it would be to get the same degree in any other country in the world (Ghana included...). They are lost in the Marxist substitute reality. Naturally they educate very few mathematicians or physicians or biologists in Norway; you cannot cheat with natural sciences. To learn mathematics you bloody well need to understand mathematics too! So Norway after year 2000 educates fewer (!) natural scientists than Norway did in the 1950ies, when we didn't even have senior high schools for everyone. The educational budget is about a thousand times larger today, but... their priorities lie elsewhere, so to speak. As explained above.

After education they are just about all given a job. Norway is proud to be one of the countries in the world with the lowest unemployment rates! Wow! What a feat! Marxism must work then, right? Well, not exactly. The Soviet State of Norway has created an abnormal amount of what I call "artificial jobs", intended only to employ Norwegians and to keep the unemployment rates down. We have socionoms, sexologists, journalists en masse, social-anthropologists and so forth, all sent out to confirm the Marxist myths and to keep the Norwegian people in ignorance. Even the dumbest working-class girls have their fancy degrees and are now allowed to perform completely meaningless tasks professionally.

Even at the university in Norway nobody demands anything from them. You can get a fancy degree in Norway with minimal effort, and all the way you will be followed by the dumbest, slowest and worst students. You see, they too are given the "equal opportunity" to get a fancy degree, and in order to make sure they too succeed the Marxists have removed all real challenges on the way. You can pass a course at the university in Norway by reading maybe three or four books. In my English course at the university in Tromsø I only had to translate four pages of text and attend lectures a once or twice each week to pass. I am not kidding!



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