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Paganism: Part XII - Why Paganism?

The Australoid and Nergo (sic) races (Thrall's kin) are at least 200.000 years old, the Asian races (Karl's kin) are perhaps 150.000 years old, and the youngest and Nordic race (Jarl's kin) is about 80.000 years old. When each race was created (created) by the gods, they also created an operating system (a type of mind ["soul"]) designed for each race. According to our mythology the gods were only satisfied with their latest design, Jarl's kin, and this is of course the main reason why I advocate racial segregasjon (sic). We degrade the Nordic race by mixing it with the "inferior designs". With the creation of Jarl's kin they could finally "install" their own operating system (the divine mind) in a human race, and they taught this race how to install the additional "software" (the runes) needed to perform its tasks here on Earth.

The additional "software" I am talking about is of course installed by the help of our Paganism and in particular the Pagan mysteries, and this is the reason why the Nordic man should choose to embrace Paganism and Pagan rituals. Without our Paganism we are incomplete human beings.

Varg Vikernes #racist burzum.org

The porn industry is Jewish and designed to break down European morals and sense of honour. The banking system is Jewish and designed to turn us into debt slaves. Feminism is Jewish and designed to reduce the number of children born by European mothers. Capitalism is Jewish and designed to cultivate greed and egoism in Europeans. Socialism is Jewish and designed to break down the tribal and racial identity of Europeans. Christianity is Jewish and designed to destroy our traditions and values. Fashion is Jewish and designed to reduce the fertility of European women and increase the chance for them to (if they ever do) procreate with men from other human races. And so forth. The list of genocidal "programs" they have working is very long, and they are all working to fulfil their goal to exterminate us.