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Pandora's Box

The loss of Donald Trump, the yellow conman, has awakened many whites to the realization that there is no one coming to their aid, as their countries fall to the final stages of the great Jewish plan. I've been following the networks of various extremists within the United States, and I can attest to the fact that their rhetoric is becoming more militant, calling for real life action rather than spreading memes online. It is glorious to watch unfold. All those young men who were mocked by the jewish media are now increasingly joining these groups.

Here is some of what's being posted:

/pol/ - How Vulnerable Are America's Power Grids?
/pol/ - The Accelerationist Manifesto

The elites know this, and are paying close attention :
Jan. 6-Inspired Domestic Terrorism Could Threaten U.S. for Next Two Decades - Homeland Security Today.us



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