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[From "Georgia Governor Says No New Electors After His Future Son-in-Law Dies in Mysterious Car Crash"]

Over the weekend, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s future son-in-law died in a mysterious car crash.

Now, after suggesting he would appoint new electors, he has announced that he will not do that, issuing a statement on Sunday saying it’s “not an option that is allowed under state or federal law.”
The election riggers are out there now on TV attacking Donald Trump for daring to point out that the election is a fraud, basically saying it is bad for democracy to talk about it.

We should note also that the Georgia voting system implementation manager Gabriel Sterling, whose responsibility it was to ensure the vote was valid, appears to be ethnically Chinese.

This goes a long way to support the claims of various Republicans that the Chinese are involved in rigging this election.

It’s actually surreal the way this is playing out, where everyone knows it’s a fraud, and they’re just pushing ahead with it anyway.
["Riggers, Jews - Bad news!]



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