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“Southerners adhere to the basic tenets of orthodox Christian belief more than other Americans, even the general run of Catholics. Indeed, the South is the only Protestant society remaining in the world that is not post-Christian.”

Historian Dr. Clyde Wilson wrote these words more than a decade ago. Much has changed since then and much for the worse. In fact, it was Protestantism’s thrust toward “social justice” and away from biblical justice, toward virtue-signaling and away from real Christian virtue, toward the temporal and away from the eternal that eventually led me toward to the Holy Orthodox Church.
Dixians are what I have coined the archetype: the perpetual scapegoat in the oppressor/oppressed paradigm. Whatever the aggrievement and whether real or perceived, just plug him in and, voilà, corporate-media-fueled problem solved at least until another sacrifice is needed to the altar of secular-humanism.
This formula is key to the cultural-Marxist narrative, a poisonous ideology that Dr. Paul Gottfried aptly describes as “the total eradication of white Christian male society as it has existed up until now in the Western world.” This is why the postmodern “concept of socialism seems largely aimed at punishing the white Christian majorities in countries in which Antifa and other ‘antifascists’ have become significant forces.”
But let’s get real: the fellowship is the target of this calumny because the disunifiers see us as a threat to their encroaching fiefdom, where they have a growing and quite lucrative racket in keeping people scared and driving them apart. Good. They understand fully well that Orthodoxy is the last resistance against the Evil One. This is why the lies being pedaled in some quarters of the Orthosphere are not just an assault on Southern culture, family, and home — that’s the low-hanging fruit — but it’s an all-out war against the Church itself.



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