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There is no just peace in our post-modern war. As discussed in my blog Societal sodomizing, ceding any ground through goodwill measures only results in dangerous nihilist conquest. Politely tolerating private hedonism among consenting adults was never good enough.

So now, the differences between sides – traditionalists vs. the rainbow mafia – are too stark to ignore. People’s worldviews are just too diametrically opposed. The queer combatants’ quest for victory at all costs is too drastic and deadly. There is no turning back.

They’ve taken the hill. They’ve taken the whole damn countryside and those with systemic power do their bidding. Their weaponized coercion is the lubricant necessary for our tacit or willing submission.

They want the heavy hand of the law, corporate media, and big business to browbeat people into doing what they wouldn’t voluntarily do. And by couching their banal arguments in the language of liberty, it makes folks reminiscent of the West’s past glories of “righting wrongs” and “correcting the errors of history.”
Pedophilia is most certainly at the bottom of this slippery sodomizing slope down which we’ve all been shoved. But the nihilists were right about one thing: it is indeed about protecting the children.

The war is here whether we like it or not, and our sons and daughters are on the front lines in this conflict. The question then becomes will we stand together? Will you stand for other resistors? Will you take the risk? I pray you will.

There is no just peace in this struggle. So unless you’re willing to hand over your children to the enemy, you’d better start fighting with the Sword of Truth. Democracy be damned.

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“Americans ruin Orthodoxy – especially those backwards white Southern redneck ones!” Such are the cries of the critics within and without the Church. Oddly enough, this criticism comes from two distinct and disparate camps.

The first and most insidious one are the Progressive/Leftist oriented “cradle” believers , as well as converts, who are trying to change the dogmatic teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church and conform it to the World. They manage somehow to perform mental gymnastics to justify their secularized “woke” worldview with Holy Tradition. They use a weaponized false sense of compassion and a very worldly carnal definition of “love” to do this.

Let us not forget, Progressivism is its own religion, complete with its own set of sacraments (abortion, birth control), Saints (George Floyd, Harvey Milk), and, of course, its own heretics (us, traditionally minded people, actual Patristic believing Orthodox Christians, Southrons). At the forefront this liberal-progressive assault are the ivory tower folks who fancy themselves “scholars” (Lord save us from these smug intellectual modernist academics)!
On the flip side to that madness is the second camp I wish to address: the LARPers. For those who may not know this term, it stands for Live Action Role Playing. In other words, pretending to be something you are not. These folks pose a unique problem, as well, as they believe that you, as an American or Western convert, have to pretend to be Greek or Russian to “truly” become Orthodox.
As a final thought, I just wish to say, Orthodoxy in Dixie is on the rise … and it is organic, Patristic, traditional, and gives honor to our ancestors for the Good that was in so many of them, not for their theologies. They were as pious as many of them knew how to be with what they had. Most of us are not even a fraction of the heroic men and women these valiant people of the Antebellum South were.

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Knowing full well the avalanche of libel under which Dixie has been buried for far too long, we rebels rightly denounce US propaganda aimed at the Confederacy, our ancestors, heroes, and symbols, and Southern-hate in general. So why embrace the same lies spouted by the same pathological liars and for the very same pathological reasons only when aimed at another country and people group?

Putin is Hitler, just like Robert E. Lee! Let’s regime-change ol’ Vlad right out of Russia’s capital the same way we knocked Lee from his pedestal in the former Capital of the Confederacy! After all, Russian supremacism is racist just like the white-supremacist “heritage not hate” dog whistle made by those deplorable Dixians. Two peas in a hateful ideological pod, so they say.

One of the layers of propaganda to justify nearly any abhorrent, immoral, or illegal act is to establish another country’s leader as a “depraved, blood-thirsty villain” and then demonize its people. Putin is both Hitler and a KGB commie, say the presentists, while Robert E. Lee was a slave-owning, POC-whipping racist and a traitor to American “unity.”

They’re white-hooded trouble-making twins who are anathema to our puritanical-progressive paradise, so do to them what you must, woke warriors! Equality and democracy hang in the balance!
C’mon, y’all. This is all part of the same amped-up lunacy we’ve heard a thousand times before. Beware of playing along for it’s the same totalitarian tidal wave that aims to drown you and yours, Southern man.
The establishment says the mess in Ukraine is not only Russia’s fault, but so is every other ill in your life. Ensue Pavlovian response!

As all right-thinking Muricans know, Russians just like Dixians are uneducated, rancorous rubes whose only reason for existence is to bring about “the end of a relatively peaceful global era”. The globohomo policies of our depraved overlords could never engender such division and strife. Perish the thought, citizen.

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Mama had carefully sat me down and explained that substituting a plural pronoun in place of a singular was unacceptable, unclear, and grammatically incorrect. “He” and “she” were the singular forms and ought to be used when appropriate; “they” must be reserved for the third person plural.

Moreover, said she, the widespread adoption of the singular “they” marked a dangerous fundamental shift in the English language, one motivated by the sloppy thinking of modern feminists, whose insistence upon being inoffensive (or, rather, upon their being unoffended), was slowly destroying the clarity and preciseness of our spoken and written word. Why I was correcting my friends’ grammar, I do not know. Perhaps I was showing off. Perhaps I was genuinely concerned for them and thought that by proselytizing them I could do my part to help reverse the slow degradation of the English language. It might have been a little of both.
Redefining words is a clever means of changing the way people think. The Soviets used this to great effect. So has the modern homosexual movement – just consider their appropriation of the word “gay.” They have chosen a moniker for themselves which intellectually distances their chosen sexual identity from the acts and desires which define that identity while simultaneously associating themselves inextricably with the concept of happiness, fulfillment, and gaiety, using the older meaning of the word for their own purposes even as they redefine it. It was a brilliant linguistic coup. So was the singular “they.”

Manhood and womanhood are rooted in the created order. We tend to conceive of them as being defined by certain roles, but those roles are merely a natural outgrowth of God’s created design. The roles He has ordained are congruent with our being as male and female, man and woman. Such is the Biblical understanding, though it is quite clearly not the understanding of mainstream America, or even of most churches.

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“Southerners adhere to the basic tenets of orthodox Christian belief more than other Americans, even the general run of Catholics. Indeed, the South is the only Protestant society remaining in the world that is not post-Christian.”

Historian Dr. Clyde Wilson wrote these words more than a decade ago. Much has changed since then and much for the worse. In fact, it was Protestantism’s thrust toward “social justice” and away from biblical justice, toward virtue-signaling and away from real Christian virtue, toward the temporal and away from the eternal that eventually led me toward to the Holy Orthodox Church.
Dixians are what I have coined the archetype: the perpetual scapegoat in the oppressor/oppressed paradigm. Whatever the aggrievement and whether real or perceived, just plug him in and, voilà, corporate-media-fueled problem solved at least until another sacrifice is needed to the altar of secular-humanism.
This formula is key to the cultural-Marxist narrative, a poisonous ideology that Dr. Paul Gottfried aptly describes as “the total eradication of white Christian male society as it has existed up until now in the Western world.” This is why the postmodern “concept of socialism seems largely aimed at punishing the white Christian majorities in countries in which Antifa and other ‘antifascists’ have become significant forces.”
But let’s get real: the fellowship is the target of this calumny because the disunifiers see us as a threat to their encroaching fiefdom, where they have a growing and quite lucrative racket in keeping people scared and driving them apart. Good. They understand fully well that Orthodoxy is the last resistance against the Evil One. This is why the lies being pedaled in some quarters of the Orthosphere are not just an assault on Southern culture, family, and home — that’s the low-hanging fruit — but it’s an all-out war against the Church itself.