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Kindly, there's a group of Bob Jones graduates who live close to me, and the females wear spandex while out walking. They don't understand what that does to a man's soul, and they don't care, because they're cowardly pastor (whom I dearly love and pray for, but he's not right with God) doesn't care either, so he doesn't preach against it. When I attended their Baptist church in 2013-2014, the senior past degraded me in front of two other people, by calling me “old school,” when I mentioned in passive friendly conversation that women ought not wear pants. No, he's not right with God. I am in God's school. It is a sin for women to expose their thighs and buttocks in public, and tight black spandex show it all!!! I don't have a dirty mind, I have a man's mind!

Women don't think like men and are ungodly when they dress sensually. Tight spandex and blue-jeans are sensual, fleshly and sexually alluring. When a woman walks, and bends over, in blue-jeans, men get a show! When a man sees a woman clothed in tight spandex, he is tempted with lust, horribly so, and she is causing that war in his soul, grieving his spirit if he is trying to live for the Lord. That is not God's love in her soul that disregards the soul of the men she is afflicting. In fact, many women enjoy causing such lustful passions and sinful desires in men's souls, which is demonic!!! What one man may be able to handle, may cause another man who is weak to go sin horribly! That blood will be on your hands, you women who cause lasciviousness in men's souls.



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