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We have a choice. We can turn away from the childish mob. We can prosecute the lawbreakers while ignoring their press agent bullies-- the Colin Kaepernicks, AOCs, Stacey Abrams, and LeBron Jameses of America.

Christians especially must resist manipulation. Because it’s obvious that, to these radicals, only certain black lives “matter.” Certainly not the teens killed in the Seattle CHOP/CHAZ, nor the epidemic of black on black murders (including children), nor the abortions of black babies. Nor Christian blacks in Nigeria, where genocide continues virtually unreported by the American media or decried by Western church leaders.
America's current dilemma is not because of white privilege, or even black privilege. Our nation is being ruled by brat privilege, where adults who once had sense are yielding to the demands of the immature and the unwise, the reckless, the pathological.

Yet the agitators forget—God is watching.

Remember the rebellion of Korah in the wilderness (Numbers 16)? A group of malcontents defied the leadership of Moses and Aaron, forgetting the Hebrews’ dramatic rescue from Egyptian slavery, the miraculous Red Sea crossing, and God’s provision of manna in the wilderness. More and more people joined Korah and his upstart buddies.

It did not end well for them. God was not endlessly patient, letting them vent, being sensitive to their wokeness. God’s wrath descended on these rebels, and about 15,000 people were consumed by fire, swallowed into a pit or killed in a plague.

The Lord desires an appreciative heart. When God’s will to protect and bless people is subverted, the consequences can be dire.



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