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@KeepNHGranite It's true. The more niggers and spics you have in your state, the more violent crime there is going to be. This has been proved time and time again with statistics. Also, it is just really obvious to anyone with their eyes open and is honest with themselves.

I don't care if there is some pathetic cuckservative reading this, who has a black co-worker who seems like a nice guy. Facts don't care about your feelings!

( @Hobojack )
@brextremist @KeepNHGranite We need to get rid of the Jews as they are the niggers enablers and are the forefront of open borders.

( @jaaaaayt )
@KeepNHGranite Unfortunately, Maine has been importing sub-saharans like crazy for the last couple years. The (((government))) doesn't want White people to live in peace.

( @bluewonder369 )
@KeepNHGranite societal decay is due to the increase in the s*** skin population in areas that used to be all or mostly white. I can't stand it when people say society is getting worse because people are getting worse. Not so. These creatures aren't human.

( @3rett )
@bluewonder369 Why did you censor yourself? At least have the courage to type out your words in full. You're anon here. There's free speech here, sorta. Well you won't get banned for saying shitskin here.


( @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy )
@KeepNHGranite they are dropping off bus loads of niggers in Maine in a effort to change both of those points.



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