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1. What is it about?

The “Child of Light” Initiation is a self-initiation rite. It is free and guided by Pleiadian builders of Newgrange. It takes place each December in the astral dimension (the 4D) of Newgrange, a megalithic temple in Ireland widely known for its alignment with the Winter Solstice rising sun.

The goal of this initiation is to help you restart your life on a higher vibrational level. You birth a new you inside the Earth Womb (represented by Newgrange) in the light of the rising Sun. You become, symbolically and vibrationally, a new human child born in the light of the Sun, who is a portal to the spiritual and galactic sun, Ra.

This rite of passage brings you back in touch with your sacred origin as an Earth human born of the love union of Earth and Sun. You realign your consciousness with the mother source and father source of life, and start a new timeline for your life.

This self-initiation rite unfolds on the astral level of Newgrange, in the 4th Dimension. Thus, there is NO NEED to physically travel to Ireland. Just stay where you are.

This is an individual act, not a synchronized group act or mass movement. The initiate has the freedom to decide when, where, and to a large extent, how.

2. Who is it for?

This rite is open to all (including those in the southern hemisphere), yet intended especially for those:

Who want to claim their birthright to bliss.

Who want to wake up from the Anu Nightmare and return to the Gaian Dream.

Who want to shift from the Domesticated Human to the Free Human state.

3. Why do it?

This is a part of the New Humans for the New Earth movement. To become a new human, one has to start at the beginning, as a Child. One cannot skip steps and become an “Adult of Light” right away.

The 5,500-year-old Newgrange was designed to be an Earth Womb temple to birth new human consciousness. Activated in 2020, Newgrange is a living Gaia Temple, now resuming her role as a miniature Gaia Womb to assist in the rebirth of humanity at Dawn.



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