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[From "Between a Sandy Hook and a Hard Place"]

In April of this year, silky voiced crooner and defamation lawsuit defendant Alex Jones was ordered by a jury to pay 4.1 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a child who was killed in Sandy Hook[…]Punitive damage is not designed to make the plaintiff(s) whole, but to punish the defendant. Such a massive award was meant to send a message that the jury found Jones’ peddling of “conspiracy theories” very mean and hurtful, and they wanted to not only hurt him, but to send a message to other people with bad opinions[…]There is a law on the books in the Lone Star State that limits punitive damages. Like all laws, a black robed wizard with a gavel can decide those limits don’t apply “because reasons”
Jones was sued for not apologizing hard enough again, this time in Yankee Connecticut[…]
What dissidents, and anyone to the right of whatever the “center” is this week, need to understand is what these verdicts mean to them[…]Civil courts can much more easily ignore inconvenient precedents and laws in order to get the decision desired by the regime[…]
The legal theory of “innocent until proven guilty,” tort laws, precedent and the basic tenants of Western civilization dictate that the plaintiff prove their complaint against the defendant. Of course, this is no longer how it works. In the deranged, accursed modern legal system under which we suffer, the burden of proof is a sliding scale. What is consistent is that the White/conservative is the one who must prove the case[…]
It will be interesting to see which of our niche internet celebrities and more mainstream members of the Right cool their language versus those who continue being bombastic and making accusations largely free of evidence. The latter are controlled opposition. They’re the ones who set an example that will get others into legal trouble, while mysteriously avoiding such troubles themselves



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