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He's a low iq monkey that wants to be accepted cuz be has a disgusting half slavic mutt child.

And its almost ironic, us slavs never colonized you blacks and even fought the nazis and yet blacks and people of color treat us like we enslaved and colonized them and take our women and label us racist. (Like you tico perfect example)

It really makes you think whether we were on the right side of history.

And thats precisely the reason if my daughter ever brought home a black man I would immediately disown her. Remove her from my house and cut her off completely finacially.

Interracial children suffer higher rates of identity disorders, grow up in dysfunctional households and have a wide variety of genetic disorders.

Lion + tiger = liger

Horse + zebra = zebroid

Cow + Buffalo = beefalo

Liger, zebroids and beefalos are all dsygenic creatures that suffer low fertility, low life expectancy and a wide variety of other genetic disorders.

African + Slavic is like trying to breed a lion + tiger = dsygenic.

He/She would be accepted by Poles. I have no worries

I promise you poles will not accept him. I know multiple polish women with half black babies, and the only accepting groups are black/social circles fully black.

Have you ever heard the 1% rule? If you have 1% black DNA your basically black and the only accepting groups are black.



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