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Serious Why are incels treated much less kindly than other minorities who occasionally commit violence?

I mean, extremist Muslims commit violence against innocent civilians on quite a regular basis. But whenever one points out that fact, people reply: "Not all Muslims, just a tiny minority, you racist bigot!" Likewise, African-American black nationalists who resorted to violence are generally venerated as brave and heroic freedom fighters. Even plain old left-wing terrorists like the Rote Armee Faktion and Brigate Rosso aren't quite as widely condemned as incels are, with Che Guevara and Nelson Mandela (both of whom had their hands in various atrocities) even practically canonized by the progressive left. Our community has had a few incidents with lone-wolf violence (though absolutely nothing that was centrally organized, mind you); but compared to the size of the incel community the number of us who turned violent is utterly negligible.

So I ask, what is it about us that gets under normies' skins so much? Is it the cognitive dissonance that the blackpill elicits in many people? Are we seen as a threat to the social order? Or something else perhaps?



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