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(in response to post “I have yet to see anyone give an actual definition to what “woke” even means.”)

I don't think that a single definition exists. It's a collection of ideas designed to promote an anti-American, anti-Christian narrative in order to prepare people to accept Marxism.

Ultimately, Wokeism is the recapitulation of the worship of the State as first understood in Genesis in the Tower of Babel. It's the idea that if we can all adopt the correct political opinions and work in complete harmony, then we will ascend to the heavens and gain a new and higher level of consciousness. ie. that we will be able to save ourselves.

It is the Cult of the State, wherein everyone who opposes its teachings is attacked on moral grounds with religious overtones. They are "evil" and should be driven from public life. They should be punished. There is no room for diversity of opinion or free speech, as those things threaten the Cult of the State.

It's high priest oversee a mystery religion, that believes in the blood sacrifice of newborns and the mutilation of children in the service of the State, preaching that murder is freedom. Wokeism preaches that such sacrifices are necessary for the overthrow of the old morality and the arrival at a new consciousness.

It is a cult that believes that victimhood grants moral immunity from all responsibility because ultimately, the State has become the permissive Mother who forgives all sins except failure to bow at the altar.

Wokeism is a direct and existential threat to your freedom and liberty.



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