Consoleman #racist

Consoleman #racist koreansentry.com

Taiwanese are very untrustworthy compared to these mainland Chinese and even Japanese. They will never be partner or friend to Korea. From my inner heart, I wish Taiwan becomes part of China. Taiwanese must know that they have no friends left in Asia due to their hypocrisy and untrustworthy rating.

Consoleman and Kominam #racist

Consoleman and Kominam #racist koreansentry.com

(Consoleman): This is Japan, so why Japan is allowed to host Olympic? Also, why Koreans are still visiting that dirty place? It's not only unsafe for foreigners but riddled with radiation and Yakuza gangsters and Right-wing Japs. Korean government better have contingency plan to bring back all Koreans from Japan as there could be next major earthquakes, tsunami, and even violent riots that could leave thousands of dead Koreans just like Kanto earthquake's massacre of Koreans in 1930s. Japs are savages and no wonder they're recorded as sub-humans in most ancient Asian records. Back in 10th~16th centuries, Japan was like Somalia and Syria where extremists ran the country like warlords.

(kominam): It's Japanese character to be indiscriminately coward towards the elderly, children, women. Let's see if they are capable towards the men.
Don't forget the incident of the Korean woman fighter being beaten by Jap entertainers on Jap TV, actress Jun Ji Hyun being humiliated during
the interview by the male host many years ago on Jap TV, and many other things like this. Hell, I've been dealing with these Japs since I lived in
S. America since I was a child where there are more Japs than in the US, so the typical Jap character is nothing alien to me.

Shockwave #racist

Shockwave #racist koreansentry.com

I honestly think that all Chinese and Japanese have head problems. The Chinese for living a long time in the pig sty since Genghis Khan. On the other hand the Japanese for living a promiscuous life, ended up having the rotten and well defective DNA (A lot of sex with monkeys, dogs, Dutch, Portuguese, Koreans, English, monsters, demons, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, cassava, alien beings, etc.).

Yemaek #fundie

Yemaek #fundie koreansentry.com

We have to set up a new tradition and a new vision for East Asia and the world.

A Unified Korea has to work with the US right-wing, Russia, Mongolia and perhaps the uncucked elements of Japan to throw off the yoke of imperialist Chinese, Babylonian cabalist/Z-ists, freemasonry. To defeat Islam and liberalism. And reset the financial system. Ultimately to liberate humanity.

You clearly know who the enemies are and what is the positive vs negative side.

None of this shit more than 3000 years ago matters RIGHT NOW. It’s clearly in genetics as of this moment and genetics don’t lie. We have to focus on the future of our genetic progeny so we don’t face death and destruction right now

basedKRN #racist

basedKRN #racist koreansentry.com

My brothers, my heart burns for the love of our people and I'd like to give a sermon (lol)
Not much I say will be new to you, but I bare my soul to you.

I am a newcomer. I was born in Seoul, but grew up in America. I returned a few years ago to learn our language, our culture, and the way of our people.
It has been a wonderful spiritual journey.
Even though I will never be "full Korean" and always be ???, I have a deep sense of kinship to our people and a connection to our sacred homeland.
However, now I live with almost a very deep fear for the future of our minjok...

Race is real.
I exist. Our people exist.
Our way of life is superior to that of others.
We have a right to exist and to enforce it.

We can all see what's happening in the West.
Whites are called "racist" for wanting their own homogeneous homelands and flooded with third-world savages and propaganda to promote race-mixing, white guilt, white privilege, self-hatred.
Their birthrates and populations are dwindling.
Their once great civilizations, like America and Europa, are on the decline and I predict race wars to erupt in the next 10-20 years.
It's happening to the mighty caucasoids who essentially conquered the world.

It can happen to us.
It is happening to us, the early stages.
We are following the West's neoliberal delusions, following America and losing our identity to globalism.
If we believe this egalitarian bullshit that we are all equal, don't insist on our identity, fall for the lie that discrimination is inherently immoral, don't have enough children, don't keep in touch with our roots, then we will open the borders, let our women be taken by foreign men, and make way for "new Koreans."
Cultural Marxist influences will find a way to condemn us for having "Korean privilege" and we will have "Korean guilt," like whites are brainwashed into believing they have "white privilege" and white guilt.
We could turn into Sweden or some other fucking ?? cesspool like Paris, if we're not vigilant.

God dammit, we are not perfect. I have my personal grievances with Korean people, I do. I'm a very individualistic person, that's my American side.
I used to shun Koreanness and identify myself as strictly American.

But these days, I can feel the savage heart of my ancestors beating inside me, their blood flowing through my veins.
When I walk outside and I see our people walking in the streets, speaking Korean, it is a beautiful sight I did not have as a child, as I was one of very few Asian kids growing up.
When I see Korean children run and laugh and play at the playground, it is so beautiful.
Even with all its problems and the daily grind, South Korea has peace and prosperity that our ancestors never saw.
Sometimes I truly think this is paradise.

Out of a world of 7.5 billion people, there are only about 80 million Koreans. That's 1% of the total human population. We are a minority. I feel a strong sense of kinship to complete strangers, other Koreans walking on the street, getting on and off the bus. It's strange.

There is nothing more important to me than the unification, health, peace, prosperity and enlightenment of our people.
There is nothing more beautiful than Korean children and the sound of their laughter.

Imagine if all that was gone. Imagine if we became extinct. Imagine if there were no more Korean children.
We should never take these things for granted, our very life.

It makes me sad to see Korean people so tired, miserable, going to work, arguing with each other, glued to their phones, glazed with apathy and boredom.
Slaving as cogs in a machine in this industrial society.
To see how cold we can be to one another.
Getting stuck in the day to day routine of just trying to get by.
Wearing suits instead of hanbok, a cityscape that overshadows our traditional Korean architecture, in our desire to modernize and be like the rest of the world.
Our women becoming whores and delusional feminists and our men weak, emasculated, cowardly, incompetent.
Victims of pain and unconsciousness that cause pain and unconsciousness to each other.
Slowly losing our identity into the globalist melting pot.
As dark and sinister influences creep into our society and threaten our future and what little freedom we have.

We need a spiritual revival, a political revolution, a deep call to personal enlightenment and nationalism.
I pray to our ancestors and I bow down to them everyday.
I exercise and I practice self-defense. I always try to improve myself in every way.
We must turn inwards to our deepest hearts, meditate, improve ourselves in every way, be prepared for war, train, and have children.
Otherwise this Illuminati New World Order Globalist Establishment or other peoples may take it away.

You may not like Hitler, but I found these words of his inspiring:

“The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people.
And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight!
And never slacken!
And never tire!
And never lose courage!
And never despair!”

In the past, I hated being Korean.
Now, I love our ancestors.
I love our people so much.
I would fight and die for our tribe.

Even now tears flow from my eyes in love, appreciation and admiration for our ancestors and our people.
Brothers, we must take action and do all that is within our power to secure the existence and independence of our people and a future for Korean children.
We must speak up and warn our people of the lies of neoliberal globalism and diversity, find our roots, love and treat each other with dignity and respect, build strong families and communities.

For the glory and honor of our ancestors, for our people, for our minjok and all the virtue, joy, and love within our spirits.
For all that is right and true and beautiful in this world, to set an example for other peoples to follow.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Korean children.


xcreaturex100 #racist

xcreaturex100 #racist koreansentry.com

Koreans will never forgive what these monkeys did. Not only did they massacre and colonize Koreans, they were the main perpetrators for why Korea is divided today. My grandfather was an independence fighter in Eastern Manchuria aka Gando, fighting the evil Japanese. Now, half of my father's relatives is on the other side of border. Korea should reunify and invade and take over that monkey island. Fuck Japan! We can never forgive these backstabbing monkeys.

maripgan89 #racist

maripgan89 #racist koreansentry.com

According to hispanics (colonized mixed race who thinks they're all white), this is not racist. Koreans should do the same to these mongrels and portray Mexicans in the same way in our TV. I really hope they kill each other for drugs and whores and the most insignificant freeloaders in world. Football is the only thing going for these mestizo mongrels.

stumji #racist

stumji #racist koreansentry.com

They both lack impulse control. The only thing China has going for them is that they have a western ideology which is very effective in governing their savage instincts while African Americans are cuddled with affirmative action and told how everything they do can be justified because they were historically abused

karathaga #racist

karathaga #racist koreansentry.com

Chinese are copying the USA and Europeans. They are nothing in terms of spying and trade secrets being stolen. Pretty soon, China will not need anyone as their own people are being educated everywhere.

Europeans/Israel will still dominate since they work together unlike the Asians. No Asian nation can make an OS such as Microsoft Windows nor make their own airplanes on the scale of the Europeans/USA. No offense, but Asia is as backward as the Africans/South Americans -a little more advance but no where near Europe/USA.

Consoleman #racist

Consoleman #racist koreansentry.com

About 100 Korean tourists were caught up in Paris riot as many were threatened and robbed by Blacks and Muslim rioters who took opportunity to scare and steals cash and passports from 100 Koreans who were traveling by bus. Blacks have no shame no wonder even God dislike these scums. This is why Seoul must not allow blacks entering Korea.

Shockwave #racist

Shockwave #racist koreansentry.com

OK, Consoleman. I'll try to behave here. But you agree that only listening to the absurd (from Japs and Chinks) leaves you indignant.

Or are they on drugs or are they insane? And you know that a lot of what China spreads has no credibility or transparency.

It is ridiculous and unworthy of any final consideration. After all, the world belongs to China. And the Devil is also Chinese. And the God of money, the God of lies and the God of thieves are well revered in China. Amen.


In short, the Chinese are literally mutts that do not know their origin. Indeed, they were, are, and always will be, low-level peasants, no matter how well dressed they are.

This reminds me of the Brazilian soccer players in whom they studied little, are almost illiterate, ignorant, reckless, etc.

Consoleman #conspiracy

Consoleman #conspiracy koreansentry.com

Have you guys placed Nintendo's Super Mario before ? well if you're Chinese, Koreans, Russian and Americans then you should rethink about paying for this game as Japanese have hidden story behind creation of these game characters. Apparently, one of my half Japanese friend told me there's hidden story behind creation of Super Mario, and Mario and Luigi are brother who goes adventure for sake of saving princess.

Story is shocking as each villains Mario & Luigi encounters are actually portrays little angry mushrooms as Choson tribe (aka Koreans) that Mario & Luigu easily defeats with jumping on top of their heads aka stomping just like Japanese wanted to step on every Koreans, the Turtles are little more harder to kill as it requires trick, jumping top of them then push them to kill the mushrooms, Turtles represents Russian. The bad ass dragon that act as gate keeper to stop Mario/Luigi to reach princess is representing Chinese, and finally the green giant Carnivorous plant aka Venus flytrap hides out in the tunnels are representing Americans and Mario/Luigi can not kill but can avoid them by sneaking or waiting for them to go into hiding again.

Noticeable game characters:
- Mario aka Super Mario represent Japanese hero
- Luigi is Taiwanese/European ally
- Princess is European girl
- Little angry mushrooms are Koreans that Jap can easily kill with jumping on top of them or with throwing flame
- Turtles are Russian, a slow and strong but can be defeated easily with two steps (jump & push)
- Dragon the evil flame throwing gate keeper at the castle is Chinese, stopping Japanese from saving princess
- Carnivorous plant aka Venus flytrap is American that Mario/Luigi can not kill but easily avoidable because they have no brain

See how each characters have characteristics that matches Japanese sentiments and mindset? Notice when Mario/Luigi dies each time failed to kill their villains - they actually tease you as they dies then comes back alive when player have lives left. Japanese have habit of brainwashing their kids with this kind of early childhood training hence why Japs becomes lunatics, thinks they're always right. From now on, be careful when you buying & playing Japanese games, you will never know if they have these kind of hidden story. While most Japs knew about this, they have never tell this to foreigners.

Shockwave #racist

Shockwave #racist koreansentry.com

There is something contradictory about Japanese culture.

On the one hand, they love to bathe and keep the body well washed and cleaned of dirt and sweat.

On the other hand, they are rotten inside. Within them there is lust, lasciviousness, debauchery, impurity, shame, wickedness, lies, demons, wiles, wickedness, and all that the ancient Canaanites had when they were exterminated by the Israelis.

Did the Japs have relations with animals like the Canaanites? And man with man, woman with woman. I laughed when God enumerated the sins of the Canaanites as homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality (it is confusion!), Incest (did you hear Japanese?).

maripgan89 #racist

maripgan89 #racist koreansentry.com

The Japanese are such sell-outs to the fucken Westerners. They lost their true sense of identity as a minjok and nation, too much brainwashing from western Hollywood media. The West is very Anti-Asianism, so we shouldn't even ally with these countries. Western people (Whites, Blacks, etc.) love to mock and ridicule Northern Asiatic people because of our successful attributes like high intelligence and wealth. Of course, this isn't racism, right? :lol: This is why Korea needs to be pan-nationalist and anti-western. There's always been a struggle for dominance in world stage between East and West and Korea needs to win this struggle by pushing more technological and scientific advances so we can better prepare a future world war against the West.

Yemaek #conspiracy

Yemaek #conspiracy koreansentry.com

I think Japan might be secretly working with the NK government to build their own nuclear arsenal, but will be quick to backstab Korea and America like they had always been doing once they get a technological edge they have completely copied from the Americans by fawning to them their secrets

The trick is to allow Russian Far East and Mongolia to develop in the same route so Japan has more adversaries to contend with and balance. Japan has to be forced to become a valuable ally, or they can seek the path of their own slow internal destruction

Consoleman #racist

Consoleman #racist koreansentry.com

If I was her, I'll be working my ass off to please Korean people in Korea so that she wash her "negative" image of being Filipino descent and foreigner but she's not doing that, rather wasting time and even angering more Koreans and she's no different than these corrupt Korean government officials.

I think she knows she won't be elected next time so she's just taking her time and enjoying her last moment as only foreign descent lawmaker in Korean history. I hope she will be the last one and because of her, other foreigners won't be getting any votes from local Koreans. Thanks to Jasmine, Korean people now realizes how useless foreigners are in Korea.

kominam #fundie

kominam #fundie koreansentry.com

Western culture is destroying Korea from within through popular culture (one nights, clubs, short-term relationships etc.) that are spread through media and certain expats who tend to take part in certain events and even leading these kind of movements in universities. A this present day and age in a society where lies rule and prevail, women is bound to live a life full of lies fooling husband and children unless she's at the mercy of men.

All these things are contagious and make the society sick, the young people spend their youth sacrificing themselves (studying, working, conscription and going through the troubles of youth) only to find out they are not getting what they hoped for, in other words, they were aiming for/were promised an empty hope, no wonder the more these things spread the more people are apprehensive and skeptical about future partners, unless there's high $$ involved.

Shockwave #racist

Shockwave #racist koreansentry.com

I am sincerely appalled by all the perversities and indecencies of the Japanese.

Now I understand why Japanese women like Koreans. It's in genetics.

And the Japanese are literally, with pardon for the pun, motherfuckers. They are the result of a mixture of Koreans, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Aliens, Tentacles, Demons, Monsters, Anime characters, etc. ;)

Besides, the Japanese practice incest, pedophilia, homosexuality and other sexual aberrations.

It is a veritable ethnic salad in which they have become the Waenom, the person with cloven hoof-like feet (Jjokbari), crooked teeth, hikikomoris, otakus, alienated, trying to escape reality. :shock:

Just watch the kind of ero-games, erotic anime, pillows and other indecent, perverted, pedophilia, etc.

Well a tsunami could clean up all this dirt and filth, right? May God punish Asian Sodom and Gomorrah.

basedKRN #racist

basedKRN #racist koreansentry.com

Well. Us Asians are racist. We shit on other Asians and non-Asians all the time. We care about our race and we exclude those who aren't us. That's not a crime. I don't like being mistreated by whites or Anglo-Saxons when I did nothing to deserve it, merely because I'm Asian or Korean.

However, when whites or Anglo-Saxons experience the same thing in homogeneous Asian societies, they're right.
Some places and some peoples may treat foreigners better than others, but that's what happens when you're a minority, wherever you are.

White America and Australia opened their borders to Asian peoples like us when they did not to.
I repeat, they did not need us or any other nonwhites.
They did not need to let my family move to America, but it happened.

We were not entitled to immigrate to those lands or even Europe, England, etc.
By virtue of us even being allowed to immigrate and attain citizenship in large numbers, their societies have been far more accepting of us than us Asian societies have been towards whites.

My main point is that it was a mistake and I want to be principled about this. They have a right to their homogeneous homelands and work for their racial/ethnic group interest just as we do and should. Korea should stay Korean; Asian countries should stay Asian; white countries, especially the Old World Europe, should stay white.

Shockwave #racist

Shockwave #racist koreansentry.com

They have no regard for others. I'm going to have a heart attack on the day that China has humanitarian staff to help countries hit by natural disasters.

They love to step on others and pass the leg. It is the Chinese Human Nature.

When Koreans go to Korea, they buy enough coffee to sell in Korea. The coffee is cheap here in Brazil, but it is quite expensive and appreciated in Korea. But the Koreans do not stink like the Chinese in such an essential commodity as baby milk.

You need to be very heartless and inhuman to treat your peers like doormat (or shit).

Consoleman #racist

Consoleman #racist koreansentry.com

This isn't related to this but I've found Chinese and Japanese don't have common sense & normal conscious. They tend to suffer from short term memory loss or deliberately brainwashed.

Active #conspiracy

Active #conspiracy koreansentry.com

Well KJU is a Swiss indoctrinated Freemason.

The Ryugyoing hotel in Pyongyang is a 33 degrees Freemason project.

KJU financial wealth is in the Billions and all this is scattered through various global banks offshore and these are controlled by Illuminati/Freemasons.

The sanctions which are squeezing his personal financial wealth is just to show KJU who is the boss and who gives the orders.

And "neutral" countries like Switzerland and Sweden are used to also keep a check on KJU.

If a genuine official "Peace" treaty can be realized between NK and SK than this will be a massive blow to Western Illuminati banking cartel as this means no more hegemony over North East Asia.