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[In response to someone who asked about the verses in the KJV that mention unicorns, leviathans, dragons and satyrs. It looks like Randy has zoological information that modern day science does not]

There are a number of passages that refer to unicorns, dragons and leviathan's. Satyrs, however, are mythical creatures.

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[This is from a thread discussing whether there is such a thing as Christian rock and whether to call it Christian rock or X-tian rock.]

"I don't think Christ and rock and roll should be put together. Where do you think they got the title? THe guy that invented it called it that because he heard postitutes use it.
Rock em' and Roll em'. Get it?"

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["Women working outside the home?"]

The problem is, Disciple, the attitude of women today. They do not really want rights - because they have many if they would stop and think. No, women today want to be in charge...they want to do the man's job and be just like him. Women have power they do not realize! A Christian lady who is living by the Book is the lady who is the most free and "liberated" and joyful individual on the earth.

Yes, women have rights - the right to obey God's Word.......

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where are the 98% that believe in God??? hmmm... i think most of us only stop at Words!!! I mean, people who don't serve a real God Fly planes into a building and blow themselves up, b/c they have that much FAITH in their gods... Yet we serve the TRUE AND ONLY GOD an we jus sit down an shut up??? don't do nothin about it???

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[At my school, a new girl has come. .. She visits a local homeless shelter, dresses modestly, hasn't ever had a boyfriend and wants to save herself for marriage, does her homework, and is really kind and considerate. She doesn't drink or do drugs, and doesn't like parties. The only problem is, she's atheist.]

Being an atheist, she has no real reason to stick with her moral beliefs, yet it seems as if she's doing a good job at it so far. With peer pressure and without God, it's very likely that she could fall into sin, but it's a lot less likely if you're there to be a good Christian influence in her life.

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Ok so i think we can all agree that the Bible is our final authority on all things? if you agree with that then we should have no problem. so if the Bible is the Final authority on ALL things that includes movies, yes? yes! well in that case Kevin hit the nail on the head when he quoted Psalm 101:3 but lets look at it again for good measure. I will set NO wicked thing before my eyes.... whoa whoa wait a sec read it again... NO WICKED thing. so think about disney any disney show from Beauty and the beast to The little mermaid to The Empror's New Groove... the bible says they are wrong.... why? cause they have wickedness in them. actually ive set a challenge before my youth group to find one movie that has nothing that goes against the Bible (wickedness!) and they cant find one... want to know why? simply because if there is a movie where everyone always acts right and does right it would be boring! if there isnt something that is wrong in it then there is zero plot!

But lets get back to the verse, no wicked thing..... that means NO drinking, NO cussing (zero zip nada!!), NO immodesty (whether on the cartoon character or a real person, modest is modest period), NO rebelloin, NO magic(whether 'good' or bad, whether in a fantisy world or in real life, the Bible doesnt cange in fantasy), NO false religions (that means Sound of Music is out since they promote Catholisim), NO using false versions of the 'bible' (KJV is it for the english speaking people, that kicks out veggie tales)..... ok i think i got the point across.... No wickedness means just that No wickedness, unless of course God made a mistake?

So where is the line we should draw? well God drew it for us, No wickedness and from all I can see that means no movies because they all have something wicked in them. the problem is that we have been so exposed to evil that we are used to it and we dont see wickedness as wicked, instead we see it as cute, fake, or ok... my friends let's back the standard up to God's standard....

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While it is true that the cathoic church takes a strong public stand against abortion, how many infant children of nuns, fathered by so called men of God, are buried under catholic churches? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Recently, I read an article describing how that when nun becomes pregnant (from illicit activity with a preist), she is allowed to deliver, then the child is allowed to die. Their are many churches in Europe which have hundreds of corpses of infants under them.

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I remember one time, I was laying on my board, riding in wave after wave, completely oblivious to everything but the wave I was riding in on. Then...WHAM! My foot hits a seashell and cuts wide open. I could barely walk for a week, it hurt so bad. Man, did that ruin the vacation.

Are you ready to have a "seashell moment" There can definitely be days that we think are boring, but rest assured, God is working behind the scenes, and for all we know, he might just send a "seashell" along the way to remind us that He's still God, and He's still got big plans for you and your life! Who knows? God is like that sometimes, and that's what makes Him such an awesome God to serve!!!

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[part of a long, rambling post about trying to keep her friend from crushing on a "bad" guy, culminating in this *shocking* revelation (paragraph breaks added)]

The guy had a CD player/radio but no one payed any mind to it except Amanda and I. When the graduation was over the 3 of us got in the bus and we went in the back. We were looking at all the stuff they brought, trying to think of a way to play a trick on them or something when Amanda noticed that he'd accidently left his CD player/radio on.
She put the headphones on and her facial expression went from normal to[shocked smiley]! She threw the headphones off her head and Molly said
"What's the matter Mander?"
Amanda didn't say anything. She just opened up the CD player to find *surprise surprise* a country CD. She knew it was because she said her Grandma used to listen to it. Of course this was the kind of proof [that the guy "isn't very nice"] that we'd been looking for for months. Before it was just our word against his. Now it was "Hey we actually found some physical proof."

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[How to tell if you are saved by Bro Randy. #6 is disturbing...]

1. When you prayed the prayer, were you sincere or did you just want to make someone else happy? If you were sincere, give yourself a point.
2. Did you really want to give yourself to God, or did you really want to not go to hell? If you really wanted to give yourself to God, add a point.
3. Would you do anything the Lord led you to do? If yes, add another point.
4. When you sin, does the Holy Spirit convict you? If yes, add another point.
5. Has the Lord shown you things in your life that are wrong? If yes, add another point.
6. In general, do worldly people love you or not? If worldly people do not like you, add a point.

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Yes amen. It'll cause ya pain, and you'll want to repent when you do those things.
I used to listen to country and even some of that Gaither mess (sorry but when I found out ole Gloria was a penny-cost-al preacher girl that did it for me) and tankfully when I got saved God tore me up over that. Chunked all them cd's and tapes...burnt em...stomped em...GLORY I feel like shouting all over again!
Sad thing is, if it's one of those old songs I knew before I was saved that I hear in the grocery store...I'll start humming. I hate that I didn't use my voice for God's glory then. I'll spend the rest of my time singing only the songs that HE should hear.
I got a cure for the "singing old worldy songs" problem though. Just burst into a verse of "Nothing But the Blood" or something like that....hehe it also clears the lines at the checkout too!

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1. If there is a mixed group, and someone will be leading the prayer, the ladies should split up from the men, or a man should lead the prayer.
2. If everyone is praying, and no one is 'leading' the prayer, then no problems
3. If it is a group prayer, and there is no man who will pray, then there shouldn't be a group prayer - everyone should pray.

The bottom line is that praying, like everything else, should be led by the men - ladies should not take over and speak for the men.

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lol ive never understood how people can believe in evolution in the Big bang sense, because theres a massive hole in their theory, for their theory there needs to be something there to start off with and nobody can ever explain where that someting came from. its quite fun making my science teachers stutter when i point that out.

but the point is, even if the big bang theory was true (which it isnt) God would have had to start it off. some people can be so ignorant to what is the obvios, eg, its obvious if you look around that God exists, but many people arein total denial

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why would God put the barriers of skin color up if they don't matter.. there is a reason for different skin color obviously or we would all be white, or black.. there are certain barriers.. i personally believe what i posted. that certain descendants are allowed to intermarry and certain ones are not.. [...]

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when my daddy was pastoring we were called the Corley Cult Church only because we went out every sat spreading the gospel!!!! PTL!!!!!!!! yea in all who live godly, SHALL suffer persecution!!! If Jesus, who was perfect suffered persecution, what makes us ne better NOT to suffer!! Plus if Christ did, then it should be A PRIVILEGE TO SUFFER!!!!!!!!

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When I started to answer this post, I started to talk about the reasons why someone would be raped and who is at fault. But, that is not the topic here. To directly answer your question: I believe there is a physical purity and a spiritual purity. The physical purity is gone. It was stolen from her. But her spiritual purity may not be. This is where we have to examine the 'why' behind the rape. If someone is dressed immodestly, is drinking or doing drugs that cause her to loose her inhibitions, or is somewhere she should not be, then she did contribute to the crime. For example: There was a girl in our youth group some time ago. This girl was clearly in rebellion to the Lord. One night, she decided that she wanted to visit her friend, but her parents brought her to church. When she got to church, she quickly left and started walking to her friends house. She was raped less than 300 yards from the church property. Was the rapist wrong? Absolutely. Was she? Did she contribute to the situition? Yes, she did. If she had been obedient to the authorities over her (her parents, the church's rules and workers), she would have stayed at church and been safe.

Spiritual purity is a heart condition. By the way -- Spiritual purity can be lost without ever touching another person or being touched by another person.

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[Submitted in contradiction to many of Bro. Randy's recent posts]

God established both the church and the civil government, and He gave each its own distinct sphere of operation. The government's purposes are outlined in Romans 13:1-7 and the church's purposes in Matthew 28:19 and 20. Neither should control the other, nor should there be an alliance between the two. Christians in a free society can properly influence government toward righteousness, which is not the same as a denomination or group of churches controlling the government.

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Erin, an OXYMORON is a phrase that seems to contradict itself. So, someone said "WOMAN PREACER". We know there are women out there who claim to be preachers, but we also know that a womand preacher is not Biblical. So, the phrase, "WOMAN PREACHER" is an oxymoron.

Does that help?

Bro. Randy #fundie teens-4-christ.org

That is not what I was saying here. The rapist certainly is responsible for his actions. However, if the girl involved has dressed immodestly, she shares that responsibility.

A few months ago, when I went to bed, I left some cookies out. When we got up the next morning, there were two smiling kids and cookie crumbs in living room. they were wrong for eating the cookies, and touching what was not theirs to touch, but I was also wrong for giving them a strong temptation. I should have removed the temptation from them. Likewise, a girl who dresses immodestly is setting up a temptation for men. Some men may be able to contain themselves and their thoughts. Other men may not be as strong. Their thoughts run away with them, and they lust after the flesh they see, but they are able to contain it at that. But men who are weaker still may not even be able to stop there. These men may go further and act on their desires. If a man commits rape, has he done wrong? Absolutely! If the woman tempted him, is she wrong as well? Sure is! This flies in the face of the sensibilities we have all been taught because we have believed a lie. We have believed that we can do whatever we want and there are no consequences to our sins. This is a lie.

[The scariest thing about this thread is that to every post Randy makes, there are at least 3 "amen!"s.]

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When I was in high skool, the only thing I was taught about Christianity was that these cruel, evil people were ran the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades and were responsible for the deaths of many people who did not 'convert'. This is an outright lie. Christians were not responsible for this, katholics were!

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I personally think that a teenage girl shoud not try to draw extra attention to herself. A lot of girls think they belong to their friends, or even their boyfriend, and they follow what they are doing. As a girl, you belong to your dad until your wedding day. Who are you trying to impress?

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[A T4C poster asks whether people in isolated countries who have never heard of Jesus will go to hell when they die.]

The simple answer is this: Everyone who has ever drawn a breath is accountable to God, even if they have never heard the name 'Jesus'.

[Bible verses snipped]

Since you asked the question, I am sure you are now wondering why. To us, something like this may not appear fair to us, but you must remember that everything around you was created by God and declares HIS glory. In fact, not only can we see the hand of God in our surroundings, we know the law of God as it is written on our heart.
[more verses]

Have you ever wondered why a child accepts salvation and the reality of God so easily? From the womb, man knows of God. However, as a man grows, he is often re-programmed to dis-believe the Word of God. Literally, kids are taught to NOT believe in God.

As for the people who are in isolated parts of the world, people who do not have a Bible or hear the name of Jesus, they are still accountable for the light they have received and for the knowledge of God written on their heart.

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(I was reading through parts of my KJV bible today (I regularly switch between KJV, NKJV, NASB, and NIV) and I noticed that it mentioned a unicorn (Numbers 23:22 God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.) I thought that was a little strange so I went on Biblegateway.com and looked up more verses with animals. Here are some of the ones I found:

Isaish 13:21But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there 22And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

umm so the last time I checked dragons, satyrs, and unicorns didn't exist. Do you think the Bible is refering to mythical creatures, that it is speaking of real animals, or that the translation meant something different when it was written? )

Many animals, including dinosaurs, existed before the flood. Noah did not have room to take each animal onto the ark, he only took two of each kind. After the flood, I am sure God superintended in a miracle which helped the animals divirsify and produce the many different animals we see today.

When you think about it, which would you rather be on a boat with: a pair of twenty-foot tall dinos or a pair of six inch geckos?

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I believe that all Disney movies are wrong to watch, and try to avoid them as much as possible. Why are you focussing a topic on just ONE of those evil Disney movies? Aren't there other wicked ones that many teens love to watch, such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King? These have strange fantasies portrayed in them, and should not be watched by Christians.

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Ok, let's calm down a bit!

There is a difference between a lady who's body style is more athletic (and thus less feminine) than a 'girly-girl' (please pardon my descriptions) and a female who is trying to appear as masculine as possible. In this case, it was a lesbian who, in all likelihood, wants to be a man and who was mistaken, at a close distance (face-to-face), for a man. If she was mistaken for a man, it is also likely that she had facial hair. This is a sign that she quite possibly was taking hormones to give her the appearance of a man. This is clearly wrong. She is trying to be something other than what God designed her to be. There are girls out there who are more athletic and who develop slightly differently. These girls should be especially careful in what they do and how they develop their bodies so as to avoid the masculine appearance. The way a lady dresses and adorns herself, regardless of her body style, should be completely feminine so that she leaves no doubt that she is a lady.

By the way, from my point of view, there is more to being a lady than just being born as a female. A lady is defined by the way she dresses and adorns herself. A lady is defined by the way she talks, the way she presents herself through the day. A lady is also defined by her countenance: she will have a fine testimony and a sweet spirit about her. She will be a joy to be around. Finally, a lady is worthy of respect. The person who was mistaken for a man was no lady, would not have gotten my respect.

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[QUOTE(Bro Randy)
As I said above, any romantic touch, outside of marriage, leads to a desire for more touching. Any teen guy who is alive and honest will admit that.]

I think I honestly have to agree with you now, even though I'm a girl. I don't even want to hug a guy again. A couple months ago a guy I liked (who liked me too) massaged my back for a few mintues; afterwards I knew that that was wrong because of the way it made me feel.

Bro Randy #fundie teens-4-christ.org

In many cases, pornography has been attributed to becoming something of a stepping stone. Some have began by looking at the lingerie section of mail order catalogs, then progressed to images of full nudity, then to sex acts, and so on. Eventually, what may have begun as simple curiosity becomes desire. Then, that desire can no longer be satisfied through the images. In some of these cases, the pornography has led men to commit sexual crimes. Most of those who have committed rape will admit that the seed to their desire to commit their crimes was pornography.

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Baptists never left the Catholic church; we were never part of it; we existed before it did.

Who started the church?

Lutheran - Martin Luther
Reformed - John Calvin
Presbyterian - John Knox
Methodist - John Wesley
Baptist - Jesus Christ

Where was the church started?

Lutheran - Germany
Reformed - Switzerland, Netherlands
Presbyterian - Scotland
Episcopalians - England
Baptist - Palestine

Mrs. Debbie #fundie teens-4-christ.org

My husband and I do not fly anymore for two reasons -
We refuse to let the governement search us bodily.
We refuse to fly with Muslims.
Our preacher rarely flies also. He has started driving to his preaching engagements.

This is America. We should not cater to the Muslims who hate us and are out to "murder the infidels."

imasaved!(Bro Randy) #fundie teens-4-christ.org

If your goal is promoting views against the Word of God (or stereotypes the Fundamentalist, as you call it), then you are welcome to leave. This site exists to give teens a safe place to fellowship, to teach them about the Word of God. It is not a forum for people to come in express their non-Biblical views.

God is not the author of confusion. Since God has called and ordained me to this ministry, there is no way you could be called to 'have a God-given duty to educate people' against us.

Finally, your 'legitimate sources' are in conflict with the Word of God. Since they are in conflict with the Word of God, they are inaccurate and unacceptable. The Word of God is our final authority for all matters of faith and practice.

Yes, now that you have clearly stated your goals, I have disabled your account.

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Ok if nobody has heard the news...here's the scoop. Lebanon captured some Isrealy people...Isreal bombed Lebanon. So now we have a war.

Here's my question. In Matthew, the Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars.

Mat 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

So is this the beginning of the end of the world? Or what? Am I reading to much into this?