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Political and religious leaders in The Gambia are actively campaigning to decriminalize female genital mutilation (FGM). Despite being banned in the West African country since 2015, this harmful practice continues to be practiced secretly. The recent arrest and imprisonment of three women for mutilating eight infants, the first conviction since the law took effect, has sparked a new initiative to repeal the law. Imam Abdoulie Fatty, a supporter of excision, and legislator Sulayman Saho, who has called for decriminalization in the country’s parliament, are the driving forces behind this controversial issue[…]
In late August, a judge in the Central River region convicted three women — one who performed the procedure and two mothers — for mutilating eight babies. The women faced a choice of paying a fine of 15,000 dalasis (about $243) or spending one year in prison. A few days later, Imam Abdoulie Fatty, the radical religious advisor to dictator Yahya Jammeh, known for his homophobia and defense of excision, paid the fine for the three women to secure their release from prison. He also encouraged Gambians to continue this practice. “If everyone agrees to do it openly, the government cannot imprison an entire town, let alone an entire country”[…]
These statements provoked a debate that quickly spilled onto the streets and even reached the nation’s parliament. In mid-September, Sulayman Saho, an opposition legislator from the Central Baddibu district, stood before the National Assembly and proposed repealing the law that prohibits FGM. Saho expressed concern about the arrests of “mothers and sisters,” and connected female genital mutilation to the right to preserve religious and traditional practices. “The ban infringes upon these rights and fosters violence in our country… We must get to work and review the law that criminalizes female circumcision”

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Before her death in 2015, Višnja Pavelić, the daughter of the Croatian dictator Ante Pavelić, lived alone in a gloomy Madrid apartment[…]For 50 years she worked tirelessly in this perpetual twilight on her father’s archives in a room filled with towers of shabby files
The dictator’s daughter was serious but friendly and polite, always using the formal address of usted. She welcomed me into her home several times in the years before she died, seeming to welcome the company and to enjoy talking about her father, although she made it clear that she didn’t want any of what was said to be published until several years after her death
Initially, she would get up every so often to look for documents to try to prove that her father had not been as despicable as history paints him. Even when she became crippled by osteoporosis, she would reach for her files and repeat, “It’s all a lie. Everything they say about my father is a lie. Everything, everything”
“Jasenovac is a complete exaggeration,” said Višnja. “It was a labor camp, and there was poverty, but they had doctors, their own leaders, everything they wanted. It wasn’t Auschwitz, understand? They were all alive and well”
Višnja was especially upset by an anecdote told by the journalist Curzio Malaparte in his book Kaputt[…]Ante Pavelić lifted the lid of the basket[…]“It is a gift from my faithful ustasa: 20 kilos of human eyes.”
In another photograph from her personal collection, she is shown at the grave accompanied by a young man in traditional Croatian dress. Small and bird-like, she was still an unrepentant ultra-nationalist who expressed a genocidal hatred of the Serbs: “They are born criminals,” she said. “There is no Serb who is not a criminal. They have done nothing but kill! Nothing else. Killing is genetic in them, and all we have done is defend ourselves”

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