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When do you hit a dam? When the moon is at it’s darkest: Black Moon Celestial Event Sat. 30 April.

Then May Day, May Day, May Day.

Trump Rally – Friday 55 Tweet? Incoming Attack?

Saturday 30 April Black Moon

Sunday 1 May Day – 55 Tweet?

Incoming Attack

Monday 2 May Crash
Disinformation is Necessary…Q

When White Hats Activate triple agents, turncoats, moles, sleepers seemingly Black Hat operators – Anons, Patriots go into confusion. Anons/Patriots fight among themselves when a seemingly Black Hat/ Grey Hat comes into the light and there no immediate confirmation. This confusion of who is a Black Hat, or White Hat will continue and the elevated anticipation will bring more tension among the Patriots. Everything had to be this way to keep hidden identities of infiltrated White Hat Sleepers inside world corporations including inside the Central Banking System.

There is a huge War inside the Pentagon and inside the Central Banking System. Not everything is at it seems.
One of the Rothschilds was flipped and created a Chaos Scare Event inside the Central Banking infrastructure. This tactic broke the system into divisions, which created an idea to create a new system using Starlink.

Starlink is much more than Internet – it’s a Military Particle Beam Weapon – the power to control the World Grid and it’s connected to the new Quantum Financial System GESARA/NESARA.
Infiltration was the key. There are so many moves behind the scenes – a well placed Plan.
If you are an investor trust only Crypto-currency that is backed by gold. This gold is connected to the QFS.

Starlink has everything now.

A crash is still coming.

Trump being banned from Twitter created a ripple affect – from investments in markets, to Patriots getting angry at the Mainstream Media: Jack Dorsey steps down. The Ukraine War bankrupting the Deep State. Musk acquiring Twitter.
The Storm: Not everything is clean. Godfather, The Takeover PLAN



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