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PROOF THAT INCELDOM IS GENETIC: Scientists discover 371 genetic variants linked to your age at first sex

When you lose your virginity 'may be written in your genes'

They say they've identified 371 regions of our genetic code that appear to influence not only when exactly we first have sex, but also when we have our first child – not just for women, but men too.

Their analysis of Brits' data revealed genetics can explain between five and 17 per cent of when individuals achieve these two milestones. [SOON IT WILL BE 100%. GENOMICS WILL PROVE THE BLACKPILL OF BIOLOGICAL DETERMINISM BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT.]

They haven't churned all the variables yet, including ones like autism, height, frame, facial sexual dimorphism and testosterone levels, mostly because they don't want to I reckon. If they dedicated themselves to discovering the truth with open mindedness, they'd find that genetics 100% determines sexual success.

If you think about it, this kind of eugenicist feudalism is already upon us as noticed on Tinder or job applications where only the 150 IQ STEM fags succeed. In spite of this brutal reality, we are still being gaslighted as we are told to believe in the value of hard work and discipline. However with the dawning of genomics, there will be no room for deception regarding reality.

SJWs will scream about eugenics and fascism. Eventually though, their screams will be drowned out by the dawning of a new age of blackpill enlightenment where normies have accepted genes as the ultimate source of success in life.

We will enter another feudal era where Chads/Stacies(hereditary genetic wealth) and the hereditary financially rich will be permanently above everyone else and will give the bare minimum to lower classes.

Genetic determinism is the ultimate truth. We are biological robots.



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