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Feminism is fundamentally about men, not women.

Feminism is a hate movement. Some people (OK- feminists) pretend it's about equality, but it turns out that hate movements and equality movements are not hard to tell apart, seeing as they are complete opposites.

Again and again when an equality movement would zig, feminists reliably zag. And then feminists come along to do damage control by telling everyone that "all movements" have "extremists" who do the exact opposite of their goals. Like the famous cannibal vegan extremists, or the extremist BLM advocates who want to bring back black slavery. All well known groups just like the "extremist" feminists who hate men. Remember that "extremist" means "people who do the exact opposite of what the movement stands for and yet are not criticized for doing so by the rest".

Following the MeToo campaign, a number of women behind the various allegations of were convicted of libel. The newly-started fund aims to pay their damages, regardless of whether their stories of abuse are true.


These women are all liars, as determined in a court of law. This money could have gone to the female victims of sex abuse but instead it's going to known liars who are making it more difficult for the victims to be taken seriously. Women are seen as worthy of a financial reward by feminists, if they lie about men and try to wreck the lives of innocent men, EVEN if the result is to make things worse for other women. So on this basis I would say for many feminists, feminism is not about women, it's about men. It's about hurting and destroying men.



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