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[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait réglé la Libération en 1945" - "How Henry de Lesquen would have solved the 1945 Liberation"]

Here in ten points and a conclusion how should have been managed the Republican question in France after 1945

1. Republican continuity. Institued by the Third Republic Parliament, Vichy France would have been viewed as perfectly legal and legitimate
2. The sword (de Gaulle) and the shield (Pétain), as said colonel Rémy, would have been the official doctrine of the Republic
3. Marshal Pétain, former Head of State, would have received the honors owed to his rank and the supreme services he gave to France
4. National reconciliation. No one would have been prosecuted for collaboration done after the June 22, 1940 armistice
5. Freedom of opinion. a) Apologism for collaboration would not have been a crime. b) Repealed by Vichy, the Marchandeau Decree of April 24, 1939 [Earliest French law banning hate speech] would not have been reenacted
6. French courts would have tried every wartime crime, including those by the terrorist-resistants
7. Maurice Thorez and other Communists who deserted before armistice would have been tried, sentenced to death and executed
8. France would not have participed to the judicial curcus by the winners at Nuremberg to humiliate the vainquished
9. France would have rejected the nebulous, tendentious and retroactive notion of "crime against humanity"
10. National unity. The State would not have made distinctions among former concentration camp deported between Jews and non-Jews

Conclusion: Political conditions were unfortunately absent for this beautiful uchronia. Consequences have been terrible



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