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( @Apolitical )
Every black person you pass on the street is 50 times more likely to be a violent criminal than every White person.

bUt DiD yOu kNoW tHeRe aRe BaD pEoPlE iN eVeRy rAcE???

Only conservatives can pretend to be this retarded.

Oh and Adam Schiff is a jew. But these cowardly faggots know better than to talk badly about jews. Much safer to shit on White people


Pencil neck is the poster poop for POS!!

spoilerI do not care what race
or gender you are... If you are a
piece of shit, you are a piece of
Example, Adam Schiff is a White
male... He is a POS.

( @GSauce111 )
@Apolitical Dumbass White cuckservatives always whine “it’s not about race,” while literally every other race makes their race central to their identity 🤡

( @VictoryUs )
@GSauce111 @Apolitical
More importantly demonize Whites to protect jews.

( @Biking4Love )

Imagine, if you will, a race of people so backwards that they get themselves killed trying to kill a race people think they are. Why are you killing us Jews? You are white? Nuh uh. Oh shit, we fucked up.

( @VictoryUs )
@Biking4Love @Apolitical Or blame Whites for jewish behavior? Like Sere or Eagleman is doing.

( @Nthman )
@Apolitical Gunther‘s gone way out on a limb confusing a known jew degenerate, with a white pos, isn’t he? Seems people become anti-White trying to prove they’re not racist, to the jews that invented it, they’re the best in the world at being racist.

( @tchrspet47 )
@Apolitical I avoid niggers like a REAL plague. TBH, I have some good friends that don't understand why I rail about them. Hey, I tried.

( @Gravewalkers )
@Apolitical Q: How to you make a jew into a White?
A: You arrest the jew for a felony.

( @nnwfp )

I hate you @Sere56 and your ilk more than the judeo-communists. Always worshiping niggers to show you are not "racists". Degenerates, cowards and traitors. You deserve everything that is coming for you. I prefer the next steal to be as blatant and as humiliating as possible, else I would vote for Biden.



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