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Men will always prefer basic bitches

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as above

while we pick the most intelligent individuals, they pick the most dull, dumb bitches, because they would "take care of their kids and be a good mother", but the drawback is kids inherit low intelligence. this mechanism backfires

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That's why people are getting dumber every new generation. Tiktok influencers had to come from somewhere.

boo hoo does that make you sad little baby? sorry but this isn’t the femcel sub, get the fuck out of here. We fucking hate men and don’t wanna be picked by them, unlike your sorry- oppressor loving ass. Kindly fuck off :)

u dumb bye

LOL.... What, you wanna be picked sweetheart?

aw yes, everything now is a pickme allegation, women hate women, nothing new

Femcels, this blackpill sub is not a group therapy space for you to bash pretty women ‘Stacys and Beccas’ because you want cock. There’s already tons of forums like that. Stop expecting us to coddle your whittle cock worshipping feelings👍

who said anything about pretty women? I said basic. Bitch, can you even read.



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