Angry #dunning-kruger #elitist #sexist

BBF thinks she knows ALL femcels thought processes…

At this point I don't see a big difference between femcels and incels. Both groups are resentful of women. Nine out of ten times, femcels are just sad that they are not objectified or degraded and can't be a sex toy. They don't care about male violence they are angry at pretty women not at men overall because women stole "their" mostly innocent boys. Femcels don't want to kill pretty women only because they don't have biological urges to kill like men do but they can be really hateful and jealous. Really most women's lives revolve around men and sex just like men's lives revolve around women and sex, women just don't want to fuck 24/7 like men. I am starting to think femcels are as delusional and disturbing as incels or even more...

How delusional. Like most Stacies and Beckies’ fuck even normies’ lives don’t also revolve around sex and male validation? Give me a fucking break. Most women are not any psychologically different in this regard. Also, most femcels were bullied by other women who are more attractive than them their whole lives so of course most will resent those women. On top of that, we may not be catcalled but we are also ostracized by men for not being attractive and made to feel as if we should just disappear. These bitches just want us to stay silent about our issues because they don’t to want believe that god, forbid, some women actually have it worse than them.

It proves that BPF cannot support itself without hating on somebody (preferably women), they spend every day calling all women pick-mes (all except BPF ofc), naturally submissive (except BPF), their defeatist mindset doesn’t give room for self-improvement, at least femcels have ascension to look forward to.

I agree with you entirely, at least most femcels actually can improve and are capable of possessing the mindset to find happiness. These bitches are just rotten to the core no matter what.



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