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RE: Join a religion because you think it is true

If you eliminate all religions whose beliefs aren't scientifically verified by empirical evidence, you'll be left with zero.

How about "Join a religion whose beliefs are proven to be true"?

Theology is a science, just not a natural science.

I don't believe theology follows the scientific method. If it undergoes the same peer-review and scrutiny process, then sure, call it a science, but as far as I'm aware it doesn't.

“The scientific method” is a method of study which applies to natural sciences, not Science in its broadest and historical sense. Theology is a science or a different kind (similar to Geometry).

No such distinction exists. All science deals with natural phenomena.

A Reddit comment doesn’t simply undo 2500 years of western thought and understanding of the word science.

Theology has been considered a science since the before the period of Classical Greek thought.



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