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Chris Evans recently called anyone who questions the gay kiss scene in Disney's recent bombing family movie "Lightyear" an idiot who will "die off like dinosaurs."

Statistically, the dinosaurs died off because there were not enough of them to survive through the extinction. If they would have reproduced more (and some did), they would not have "died off like dinosaurs."

That act requires male and female. It also requires guarding offspring and social behavior to maximize success. Guess what that means?

Any biology course would have explained that. They seems to have taken that out of Art School.

Disney's initial instincts to remove the scene was correct. Listening to woke has cost them $70,000,000. What is funny is how they push this as "censorship" when the movie was supposed to be about Buzz, not his new lesbian side character.

Rhetorically, I know its social engineering by psychopaths and psychotics, Why do they do this? Forcing the least organic characters into the lead role? Its not hip, or rebellious. Its not because it its Disney, the largest media company in history. They ARE the man, and by that position, cannot "rebel." A king cannot revolt against himself (except for Sheogorath).



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