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No I don't care if you agree with me or not but we're not going to restructure society because you don't want to get proper treatment for your dysphoria. The trans community ALWAYS makes demands, there's no middle ground and frankly it's an aggressive as fuck/ toxic community. I'm tired of making concessions to the mentally ill.

Not a doctor that actually follows the Hippocratic Oath would amputate my healthy arm if I told him I feel like I was always an amputee. But as soon as you make it about your genitals then it's fair game? Makes zero sense.

I can feel for people with dysphoria and I hope they get real help, but I'm tired of playing into people's delusions.

Yes. Please don't kill me for being different from you is SUCH an awful demand.

Bigots always have "logic" for their bigotries.

Oh fucking please, I'm not interested in killing you and I hope you get REAL treatment for your problem. I'm just not obligated to participate in your make believe and thus I won't. I think asking society to pretend for your benefit is fucking sick. Get help.

I didn't say YOU wanted to kill anyone.

But you say trans peile have all these demands... Like what? Not being killed, or beaten, or discriminated against.

Stop clutching your pearls. You're a bigot.

No...they ask that we participate in their delusions. They ask that we call them what we don't honestly believe them to be under the potential of having your life ruined if you don't. You demand that we lie to ourselves to spare your feelings. That's wrong and it's not fair, nor is it balanced.

Furthermore I don't believe this is helpful to actual trans people. Playing into someone's delusions up until very recently used to be called "gaslighting," now it's called "being an ally."

I don't believe playing into dysphoria helps anyone. Genital replacement surgery is an absolute fucking abomination that literally leaves people crippled and only those in the weakest of mental states tend to engage in it. It should be abolished as abuse of the mentally ill. But the trans community demanded it be normalized and now people are engaging in life altering, irreversible surgeries all while being love bombed by the community. It's truly toxic as hell.



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