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[From "The Case for Christian Nationalism"]

Mike Pence was on FOX News giving a speech somewhere. He was going on about freedom and how “the Left is dumping toxic waste into the headwaters of our culture.”[…]
I thought to myself… isn’t this the whole issue though? How can you have a healthy Christian culture when Jews, atheists and other modernists who hate Christianity and who relish subverting Christian cultural norms are in control of the commanding heights of our institutions? Don’t these people have the freedom to control Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Big Tech, the mainstream news media and the universities? Don’t they have the right to poison the minds of Christian children? Isn’t it “anti-Semitic” to notice that this is going on and to complain about these blessings of liberty like pornography?

There is nothing new about this. Jews have been raining down cultural shit on Christians like this for well over a century now since they created Hollywood and the ACLU[…]Jews got so accustomed to doing this and getting away with it that they just kind of assumed that the liberal consensus which has crippled Christian resistance would hold forever[…]
Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment was demolishing Conservatism, Inc. which is why I backed him in the first place[…]
Rachel Maddow explained on her show last night that Christian nationalism was created by Gerald L.K. Smith[…]
Christian nationalism, of course, was beyond the pale to the conservative liberals who were creating the mainstream respectable Right of the Cold War era[…]
The rise of Christian nationalism is a wonderful development because what Christian nationalists propose is seizing control of the government, the currency and cultural institutions from the people who are running them now and replacing them with Christians[…]
I salute the Christian nationalists. I support their movement to retake each of the Seven Mountains



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