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Why do girls LOVE ASSHOLE and JERKS.?

I have dated women, and it seem good at start but when they see that im more of the emotional/caring type they seem to lose interest, she told me i am so kind and cute blah blah blah, and block me, but this particular woman, has lots of friends that are drug dealers, and long list of criminal records, why the fuck are unstable and fuck the police type and criminal people more attractive than stable and kind people? Its not that i am uninteresting, i have unusual interests that interests womens. Its just that im not a jerk to others nor a criminal


1.It's an evolutionary thing. Choosing an aggressive asshole was more beneficial in primitive times because they'd go into a fight to protect the women and children, get more resources, etc. Some people operate mainly from their monkey brains without being conscious of it.

2.Daddy issues.

3.Because "bad boys" are different in their eyes and don't treat them well (which is something that they are used to and has become boring to them) These women seek excitement (high highs, low lows) plus the validation of turning the bad boy "good only for them".

4.The allure of chasing after someone you can never "have".

5.Common ground.



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