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Why there aren't leftist incels on .co...

... they are all in the process of defecting to the femoid team. By either nominal transitions or full on physcial transitions with castrating hormones.


The trans trend (no disrespect, just empirically it's trending) is probably due, in part, to the declining monagamy norm. As the sexually liberal mating economy creates winner-take-all dynamics, more biological males hate being male. Add female empowerment norms, & voila.

Leftist incels probably experience mostly the same life problems as we do on this forum. However they are so wedded to their pro-feminist ideology and political dogmas (and lefty social circle such as it is) that they cannot conceive of the idea of themselves as an 'incel. Or of joining us and making common cause.

Additionally, like we all know, the word 'incel' is now a highly politically charged slur, that denotes an enemy to a leftist. And you don't join your enemies... nor do you want to see yourself as 'evil' and an 'enemy'.

However they feel pain like we do and gotta do something about it, so they probably choose to join the winning team in our society. Besides instant raise in SMV, they get themselves access to femoid/trans side benefits like rampant positive discrimination in every aspect of life, economic sinecures and being a protected class in society. Something most incels, in turn, would not consider. Transmaxxing isn't a thing, I don't expect it's gonna be a thing.



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