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Why whites are more intelligent than east asians and how you can become white if you are east asian

i explain here that whites have more empathy and more individualism than east asians and that is why they created better civilizations:

why hapa children develop no affective empathy, explained using an study

east asians have bigger and faster brains than whites (southeast asians don't), but as i explain above whites have a better personality that gives them better ideas, this is why whites have always been more technologically advanced than east asians and east asians never had civilizations that were more economically better (20-50 years ago 50 percent of china was poor)

there are more white billionaires than east asians, while there are more east asians in the planet.

in my opinion this shows that whites are 1.5x better at creating wealth, technologies and civilizations

now i will explain you how to become white:

we will have reverse aging and slow aging technologies in some years, so no-one below 60-50 today will die of old age:

in 2032 we will have non-sentient female android robots and in 2052 we will be able to reverse aging. Ray Kurzweil.

now you know you won't die of old age and you can wait until some technology comes out to change your body and brain to become white

but you can say "but we east asians created anime", the japanese look hapa, i believe that you guys created it because you guys are deeper into the behavioral sink, so i don't think it is related to your brain being different.

maybe if you are japanese you should stay the way you are, they seem so special.



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