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Science” comes from the latin word “sciencia” meaning knowledge. In English it has come to be shaped by one of two intellectual brassieres; The one, broadly understood is “Truth,” and refers to what everyone knows. The other, call it “empirical science,” refers to the process of debunking nonsense and error. These two entities exist in a kind of intellectual codependency.

The first kind, truth is the totality of what is “known” or commonly believed. You can find written descriptions by googling anything that you think may have come to someone’s attention. I suspect that the AI mumbo jumbo means that the software reaches out to grab anything that is already “known.” This kind of science ranges from useful and vetted reliable dogma that was derived from the empiricism that gives the word “science” its unassailable clout to magic. We trust in the physical sciences like mechanics, the cell theory in biology or molecular theory. It is the science used in engineering and in the work world.

Another body of knowledge concerns conventions, like driving on the right side of the road or of using double entry book keeping. I have no problem viewing religion, the common law and the social conventions of a culture as useful knowledge.

Beyond this knowledge degenerates. The social sciences- psychology, sociology, management theory, economics, drug rehab, economics and the like start with a few observations that may or may not be well founded but are then elaborated by bulking them up with hard to refute assertions and then pasting the fluff together with statistical scams. These are the fantasies of the academy; people are making good money misleading everyone else. Related are political scams like global warming, the wars on terror, drugs, poverty and international relations. The whole covid 19 snow job with its “science” was cobbled together from theories that were never tested and yet were enforced and funded by governments.



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