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[From “Landmass Times: Rebels in the Capitol”]

Well, it finally happened. A Rebel Flag finally encroached upon U.S. Capitol grounds and even entered the Capitol Building itself. This may be old news, but it was truly a momentous instant in American History. At no point during the War Between the States did a Confederate Flag of any kind make it near Capitol grounds, yet it happened in January 2021.

Adding to the political shenanigans, Trump neglected to pardon anyone of value or a single one of his supporters currently violated by Communists across the country. Of course, the justified protest at the Capitol is now being labelled an insurrection, and every identifiable attendant is being deplatformed or arrested.[…]The guy dressed as a Viking[…]is now wishing to testify against Trump for not giving him a pardon. The man could not even be bothered to pardon Julian Assange.

Since assuming office, Trump has allowed the abuse and silencing of swathes of his supporters and dissident voices and has wasted what could have been otherwise a remarkable tenure. Speaking bluntly, Trump’s entire presidency was a waste, and his fall from grace is pathetic.[…]Donald Trump failed to capitalize effectively any political momentum and failed to achieve any lasting legacy for himself other than ushering in the next phase of the American Communist Revolution and the mass persecution of the American Dissident and American Right more so than any president since the 1960s.[…]
As a side note, one small white pill has arisen. The Republican Party has shown its true colors[…]The party allowed voter fraud in the 2020 election, gave the Georgia Senate seats to the Democrats,[…]have spearheaded every attack on Southern and American imagery and historical iconography, are cowardly, and force the most reprehensible of candidates down the throats of conservative voters each and every election cycle. The days of the GOP are numbered.



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