Various Incels #crackpot #sexist

Getting a gun and fighting the taliban? Nah, fuck that, i'm a kween and gonna larp as a witch to fight them

Witches are trying to organize a ‘mass hexing’ against the Taliban

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ALWAYS THE SAME SHIT. Get BTFO and then resort to protest naked or larp as witches in the comfort of their houses. That's why, trannies and gentlemen, women are always dominated throughout history.

Oh no those poor Talibans! What are they going to do when all the white girls rub their Himalayan salt lamps and menstruate on wall hanging tapestries....

Foids online - "Lets cut off the balls of these women oppressors. I would love to see them bleed to death."

Foids in real life - "Guys, I bought this witchcraft book from the flea market. Can anyone teach me how to cast a spell on the curry who was staring at me in the subway today??"

God isn't even here anymore he got fined by the multiverse committee for being a horrible ruler of a universe. We are watched by multiple gods who are interested in us and keep us as lab rats

(your personality)
For once I agree. All women should be doing this to be showcasing their aptitude and intellect. None of this "I'm not like the other girls" nonsense pretending they are above doing this.

They want the advantages of being witches like casting spells and hexes, but not the disadvantages like getting burnt at the stake

Just lol. They will never have the guts to actually get into battle. Only men have the courage and ferocity to enter combat. That is why women have always had a role submissive to man. It is their place.

(Autismus Maximus)
They want to employ meme magic yet they are physically incapable of memeing, because they lack the brain wiring to be creative. Hilarious.



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