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You should wake up about some facts about the birds and the beads. First of all, all women prefer a relationship where they are kept on a leash like a pet.

All women are batshit insane, which is one of the reasons why they prefer to be kept as pets rather than try to do things like men and just fail.

Most women are miserable because they are NOT being kept on leashes.

A few deluded men with power have passed laws that make it dangerous to play out this dynamic, hence it has largely vanished. Thanks men. You will hang for in a few months as the nation collapses.

90% of the world has no such laws and women and men freely interact this way. If we stabilize enough that post Covid travel is possible, go practice. After a dozen or more hot women for less than $100, you will get this. Men always pay. But we set the price and its always low. The going rate in the world btw is $20 on average but if you are going to partake, go premium. You are White after all.

Post collapse America, women will be only too happy to be your pet to the extent you can take care of them.

Or they will die.

We are on the road to fascism. The only question is whether it will be a Latino dictatorship, like Venezuela, or an African one, like Zimbabwe.

Don't be absurd. Spanish speaking people slaughter black people wherever we go.

Soon, you will be told what to do. Which is nothing more than you should have done 200 years ago.

The problem here is you White people want Communism. You might want to examine how Spanish speaking countries that are not Venezuela deal with that.

The part that should really frighten you is our blue eyes and blond hair. You left something behind and now you need it back.



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