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( @hateyouall )
@Nature_and_Race Pandering to non-White voters get them the jewish donations.

( @GodzillaKingOfTheNose )
@Nature_and_Race part of this is due to whites having no cohesive identity. Whiteness is a social construct, but them white ppl are responsible for slavery and must pay 🤡🤣

( @LaVallette )
@Nature_and_Race Most Whites are capable of thinking for themelves and making up their own minds. Balcks and POC's can be regimented simply through bribery and corruption and offers of "free" governemtn services and subsidies with the white men and those responsible for creating the Nation's wealth having to pay for the costs involved.

( @ShilohVII )
It tells me, Whites are much too nice, kind and considerate. America has been at war 93% of its existence and its White soldiers have been fighting Zionists' bloody wars. It's time for Whites to wake up, wise up and be up on guard. Bending-over-backwards for others is over, it's time to help your White brother who's marginalized and targeted to be at the bottom of the totem pole. WE need to stand united & strong as one people under God✝️

( @CN32 )
@Nature_and_Race The sad thing is, most Whites don't care about Whites. Too many Whites either hate their own race, their ancestors or they don't see race as important. Worse, they will attack Whites like us who advocate for them. Very strange!

( @MChuck1 )
@Nature_and_Race our politicians take us for granted. NOT anymore! They have demonized the White race for political gain. Are we really that stupid to keep voting for politicians who hate us. Republicans and Democrats are the Uni-Party Globalist Elites. We should only vote for politicians that believe in God, Christianity and us. If not we vote to eliminate ourselves. That's suicide. That's a mortal sin.



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