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( @Nature_and_Race )
Whites are still the majority in the US, yet both sides still pander exclusively to non-whites.

That tells you two things: 1) Neither side cares about White people. We have no value to them. And 2) Voting is meaningless. They're going to appoint whoever they want to office, no matter who anyone actually votes for.

Fascinating that in a country where politicians are determined by winning votes, both political parties refuse to even mention the largest voting block, White people, unless they are attacking them.

White people have absolutely no representation in a country their ancestors built, and which they still hold the majority in.

And you won’t get it back by voting Republican or Democrat

( @John_Madison )
@Nature_and_Race Greed, corruption and no govt oversight or accountability has led to one of the downfalls of this nation. Whites are just tools for them to get elected and than we are cast out after they no longer need our numbers. The only answer is NS or something equivalent.

( @Kamikaze_Raven )
@Nature_and_Race It also shows that a large portion of white people are not voting in favor of white.

( @Gynoman69 )
@Nature_and_Race yeah, but you have to understand that about 45% of the White Vote is democrat. With a lot of the 55% that do not vote Democrat getting pretty old. Unfortunately, Republicans did not have a grand long plan like these communist did. We didn’t infiltrate schools as deeply. The right completely abandoned urban centers altogether. I hate to say it, but white people live in cities too. They would probably like to choose between someone other than a communist, a crock and a wasted Republican vote.

( @GodzillaKingOfTheNose )
@Gynoman69 @Nature_and_Race most younger whites are definitely race traitor communists. They believe whites are evil. I would say it’s the vast majority of them. There is no solution without separation from the brainwashed whites, violent blacks, and subversives

( @DavisH )
@Nature_and_Race Slaves used to be the majority in several Southern states. They also had little input in politics. We're the niggers now.



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